Motion City Soundtrack: Go

Someone asked me at work if Motion City Soundtrack was pop punk. I quickly said no. Yes, they have lyrics about being a bit crazed, an outcast if you will…But the way they construct music is finer tuned. Then I was asked if they were like The All American Rejects. Another no followed. Motion City doesn’t write with radio hits in mind. So what kind of music is it? To me Motion City has always been a rock outlet with random strings of thoughts laid on a musical landscape, carefully tended to. That explains every album of theirs including the new one, Go. And while this one doesn’t pack as much of a punch as My Dinosaur Life, it’s got enough ammo to earn recognition in 2012

The record starts off strong with “Circuits And Wires,” but many of the other tracks don’t follow suit. There’s a lot of downtime ironically on Go. Not to say it’s a boring record, because it’s not. It’s just not as energetic as one would expect.

Every strong contender to be fan favorites and set list staples are lay in the middle of a rocking foods good time and a slow jam. “Son of a Gun” surprisingly resembled a song from Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Listen to “Freak the Freak Out” and then “Son of a Gun,” and notice Motion City’s beat is the same, just slowed down from the prepubescent pop song.

True Romance” serves up a cutesy song girls are going o incision as their wedding song. “Timelines” starts a little fast and then softens up building on imagery. It makes vivid working minds press repeat to catch everything he said and paint the scenery. And finally “The Worst is Yet to Come” felt like the oddball on Go. While it begins like the rest, it results in being the rock of the record.

Okay, that wasn’t it. Have you ever proposed to a song? I did when “Everyone Will Die.” First off it starts with a simple statement that catches you instantly, “Everyone will die. Everyone will lose. So what you gonna do with the moments you have before it’s you?” Besides having these philosophical lyrics that showcase the ever popular “YOLO” that’s going on, the arrangements are what I can only call elegant.

After listening to Go for a couple days, and Motion City for years, I still can’t tell you where they fall on the rock scheme, and that’s a good thing. They could be on the radar of fans who love New Found Glory as well as those who follow Weezer. I like to think of them as the theater kids in high school. They’re unique and see life differently, interpreting it their own way, and Go’s their senior year…a little more mature, but still distinctive enough to stand out.

Go is out now and Motion City Soundtrack is currently headlining their own tour. So pick up Go and go see them.


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