Damon of Infinity Shred: Name Change, Hologram and a Musical Pic

It’s always weird when you’re doing this and themes in the artists start to pop up. This past week it was space. Not the dead of that is about “my,” or the kind you need to give that special someone you’re smothering, but the one we live in that’s vast and full of planets and stars; an artist with a Radiohead aesthetic, and Infinity Shred, a post-rock instrumental band with a galactic sound to their music. Damon of Infinity Shred said they’d always been interested in space and everything it encompasses.

But at the end of the day, we’re here about the band, a band that’s had some identity issues that Damon wanted to shed a lot of light on…Along with when fans can expect to see them and how they’d handle their music through pictures…

Kendra: When you had to go from Starscream to Infinity Shred, was it just because another band wanted to use the name?

Damon: We most likely would have continued on with the name Starscream if it wasn’t for the legal action taken against us but we did take the unfortunate circumstance as an opportunity to try out some new approaches to making our music.

Kendra: Did you have a lot of time to think about a new name, or was it more like…well you better choose fast sort of thing?

Damon: There was no set deadline but we were getting constantly pressured by the other party’s lawyer to cease our use of the name Starscream. We mulled over a few ideas until I eventually threw out the idea for using Infinity Shred since it was the subtitle of a song we released last year. We definitely weren’t stoked on it at first but then we had the realization that if we were starting this band for the first time right now we most likely would not call it Starscream. I’m definitely way more in to this name now.

Kendra: Your sound didn’t seem to change when the band name did. Was there any worry from the fans end that you guys were going to be completely different because the casing was changing?

Damon: When we announced the name change most of our fans seemed to like the new name more which was a great relief. Even those who vocalized their preference of the name Starscream didn’t seem to think it meant ill for the future of our music. Overall I’d say response we’ve received to our first EP as Infinity Shred has been largely positive.

As far as our sound is concerned I think we’ve actually matured quite a bit even since our release of, “Future, Towards the Edge of Forever,” last year. For me this has been a huge stepping stone as it’s been my first serious venture in to writing music that isn’t entirely founded in 8-bit synthesis. That was a difficult transition for me made much easier by my friend Ary from Anamanaguchi and Nate who joined Starscream for our last album and is the guitarist for Infinity Shred. There are a large number of similarities between what Infinity Shred has released so far and the Starscream era music but I know this is undeniably a large step forward for us musically.

Kendra: The major thing for me and music is lyrics…Your music’s absent of them. Do you ever think that your style of music is like a 21st Century take on Classical music? That idea of embracing emotion without lyrics to guide it?

Damon: No. We just do what we feel best doing.

Kendra: To dive a little deeper into your guys latest, EP 001 Gnar Dream. Since you have this intense world of sound, if you had to do the almost impossible and explain the album to a deaf person, what kind of hand movements would you do (assuming you or the rest of the band doesn’t know sign language).

Damon: I’d show them lots of pictures of grids and a ton of skate videos spliced with footage of shuttle launches.

Kendra: With a song like “Hologram” it only seemed right to ask what you thought of the 2pac hologram at this year’s Coachella festival. Do you think we’ll see more artists come back from the grave for things like this?

Damon: Hopefully. That was really entertaining. I hope actual holograms become a fully realized technology in my lifetime though.

Kendra: A couple more…Any touring plans for the rest of 2012?

Damon: We’re hoping to tour in the fall but we want to spend the summer getting the word out on the new name and EP online. We’re working on a couple music videos and a remix so look out for those.

Kendra: We’re going to keep with the space idea and ask you to make us a mixtape of 5 songs you’d put on mixtape for someone who was going up in space, and we’re going to call it the “Astronaut Mixtape.”

01. Mitch Murder “Breaking Waves
02. Proxyon “Space Hopper
03. Grecos “Living In The Sky
04. La Bionda “I Wanna Be Your Lover
05. Makeup and Vanity Set “The Point of No Return

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