George Kamel: The Great Coward

It’s lunch time here in the office. Having an awkward penguin moment…I’m sitting away from the crowd. At this moment I’m I truly feel connected to George Kamel’s The Great Coward. It’s easier to become involved with a musician I’ve never heard of until a week ago than to sit and make small talk with people I’ve spent 8 hours a day with for the past month. So George is not only the music I sit and critique, he’s the company I seek when the world tosses me an awkward situation.

The Great Coward starts off slow and with an almost chant like ambiance with “Hold On.” I welcome it because right now it’s the only thing keeping me calm as I try not to freak out. George’s style isn’t usually what I lean towards, but it has a way of soothing the state of mind. “Used to Know” wasn’t an ode to Goyte, but rather a reminder of a scorn lover. You know, mostly everything Taylor Swift writes about? Except this one isn’t infused in a country pop style. “I’d rather get lost in the stars than find any way back to your love” is the key line that makes this song one to put on repeat. Loop it around a few times and get lost in it yourself. At times I did loose myself during “Mockingbird” when I’d gaze at the hipster lion on the cover of the album…beside the hip cat, this flowy indie folk music is what James Vincent McMorrow and Bon Iver fans will dig.

On National Best Friend Day George’s “Found My Way” and I were trading BFF bracelets. It’s the star in that space he’d rather get lost in. The beat of that song shines among the others and deserves a little more recognition for that.

During a break from routine, shoving my face with pizza, I was able to not only listen to George Kamel’s The Great Coward, but connect and depend on it for social safety. The Great Coward is out on June 12th and if it gave this girl friendship, it can give you all that and more. So if you’re into that Indie rock with a folk aspect, then check out George Kamel and what he has to offer.


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