Decoded: The/Split

The people of LA get a bad rap for being too materialistic, but only about 70% of them are. But it’s people and bands like Decoded that give LA a good name, because they care. Throughout May they used their residency at Amplyfi to give back to the community. Every Thursday the show was aimed at a different organization. So how could we not give them a shout out in review formation for their new EP The/Split? Exactly.

Only four songs, it’s a quick and easy trip of rock to get through and it’s worth the ride if you’re a fan of bands like Sugarcult and like pop rock antidotes that Mitch Allen has been a part of. “Open Season” was a throwback to when Sugarcult stickers covered my walls. It had this upbeat rock feel to it that was filled with words of a dude sad over a girl. His heartache masked only by the optimistic music surrounding it. While that was a very happy go lucky sounding track, the rock was picked back up in “Lost No More.” It comes on stronger and lets you have it, without being too coarse.

The angst never lets up as “I Really Hate You” kicks in…Instantly older folks will start singing Puddle of Mudd and to keep this free of bad words, I’ll let you just follow the link to find out why. Like the Puddle of Mudd karaoke favorite, this song it one to sing with friends after a few shots and a lot of bad times. Once you get to “Imperfect for Each Other” you’re like okay…Was the same girl the cause of every tune? Because in the end their differences are something this dude wants…Whatever floats your boat. The crazy thing about love, is just that…love.

When you’re browsing the interwebs after a bad breakup, do yourself a favor and get down to Decoded’s The/Split and let them put song to your ordeal. They’re just another LA band trying to make the world theirs, but they’ve taken it a step further and out their heartbreaks to good use giving back to those who need it. Again, The/Split is out now, so remember Decoded and get it. And even if you’re not going through relationship drama…”Open Season” is suggested for anyone who likes to hum the same song all day. It’s that catchy and fun.


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