Felix Penny of Twin Trip: Space Theatrics are Never Radio Friendly

On my lunch break at a temp job that’s going to be the death of my back and oh, the producers of Twilight stopped in today…Yeah, I wasn’t impressed when this random man said that either. Who is he? No clue, but he gives off a creeper vibe. Alas I’m sitting inside of a beautiful day taking bites of a peanut butter sandwich as I read over Felix Penny, one part of Twin Trip’s interview.

He doesn’t see himself as badass, which is okay because I still think he is due to the way he sticks it to the man on Twin Trip’s Twin Trip that was released earlier this year. It was an artsy record to me, and I’ll let you read on to learn more about what Felix had to say about its out of this world theme. Also, if you let your eyes glide down the page, you’ll find out how Twin Trip might end up in the movies, some theatrics and more.

Kendra Beltran: With all the instruments you play, which would you say is most like your personality?

Felix Penny: That’s a tough one. I’d say that all of them have some aspect that is similar to me. But I’m a very rhythmic person so I’ll go with the drums.

Kendra: Something that went over my head on Twin Trip was the outer space elements. Have you always been into the idea of space exploration?

Felix: At a young age I got pretty into that stuff. There’s something mysterious about things that are out of this world and I think that’s what interested me the most. In terms of the outer space theme on the record, it was really just a decision we made. All my favorite records have thematic motifs or arcs and as a writer it helps me to have some kind of framework to go off of. The space theme was what fit the sound we were going for on this album so we went with it. Will all of our albums have a similar theme? Probably not.

Kendra: For me Twin Trip was a more artsy album. So if you had to compare the album to a famous work of art, which would it be and why?

Felix: I’ll go with Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali. I wish I could give a great reason as to why I chose that but I’m not sure I can. They’ve both got a similar vibe I guess.

Kendra: Sticking with artsy, “Dream Of You” had a very theatrical break to me. Was that an intentional move based on some background in the theater growing up? Or have you never stepped foot on a stage in that sense?

Felix: I took acting workshops as a kid but it was mostly sketch comedy stuff that I’d write with friends. So that didn’t have much musical influence on me. Honestly, “Dream Of You” is more of a tribute to soundtrack music for films. It was written over a really long period of time and up until we recorder it there were about five versions. One of them was instrumental and much more orchestral than the version that ended up on the record. That didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the songs so I thought it’d be better to put some lyrics to it and make it sound like a band rather than a symphony.

Kendra: Were you going for ironic with “Radio Friendly,” as in making it very anti-radio in terms of length and structure?

Felix: Yeah. A few of the songs on the album have some irony to them. “Radio Friendly” is definitely one of them.

Kendra: “Radio Friendly” made me envision this sort of badass. Is that you?

Felix: I’ve never thought of myself as a badass. I can’t speak for what other people think but I’d say that I’m not.

Kendra: Your pal Micah left Twin Trip to be a film maker…so can we expect some of the music to end up on the big screen someday now that you have an “in?”

Felix: I definitely hope so. We’ve always wanted to get involved with film, whether it be our songs or writing new material as more of a score.

Kendra: Facebook recently let commoners in on the action. Other than Facebook though, is there something out there that you would’ve never thought would be as popular as it is?

Felix: Kick Starter. Not because it doesn’t deserve to be big, I think it really does. I’m just surprised at how many people understood and supported the idea.

Kendra: Being a classical guy…if you had to make mixtape for a classical composer of the past to show him/her that not all is lost in 2012, which 5 songs would you put on there?

La Valse D’Amelie” Yann Tiersen
Armchairs” Andrew Bird
The Youth” MGMT
The Daily Mail” Radiohead
Remember” Air


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