Namesake: The Roxy, The Plastic Women, The GPS from Hell

If you read last week’s interview with Let It Happen, you already know me getting to The Roxy to chat with the Southern gentlemen of Namesake was a task. 30 minutes from Wilshire/Fairfax to the legendary venue…on the most unreliable public transportation…someone was on my side because I made it with seconds to spare, phew!

Once there I was led upstairs, the walls mirrored my old bedrooms; no wall space left seen; posters from the floor to the ceiling. All five dudes from Georgia talked one after the other and what was most surprising was that their current tour was only their second, ever. After feeling like fetuses on the Eve 6 tour, they hopped on the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus one.

To find out how to win Will’s heart, why not to trust GPS and more stayed tuned for the interview portion of this trip, but first up, the show!

You never take into consideration the history of somewhere you frequent often. While The Roxy is just another place I love to go, for Namesake, it was an honor to play. They took the stage second and were a different route than the first band, Rapscallions. They had a youth filled spirit to their performance that seemed to win over the always uppity LA crowd.

As leading man delivered the line, “a million good reasons,” two enthused gals head banged out of control. Overall I would hope their catchy hooks and color schemed outfits land them on a tour in the future with acts like my guiltiest pleasure All Time Low or There For Tomorrow.

Kendra Beltran: What’s the story behind Will’s girlfriend in South Dakota?

Will Crafton: I met her and I was just walking along and there was this big T-Rex and I saw this girl and I was like, “Oh hey look at this little plastic cutie over here.” I sat next to her and got to talking. One thing led to another… She didn’t say much, but her eyes spoke novels to me. She can’t use a phone so she’s just kind of there just chilling for me, or the next guy to come sit next to her, but I will hold out. I will visit her again, catch up, and take another picture.

Kendra: Okay with Battleship coming out and it being the best movie ever…Not really…If you had to compare Borders & Fences to a board game, which would it be and why?

Troy Harmon: We actually talked about this back in Orlando. We discussed this crazy idea of the booklet being a board game. I don’t know where it was going, but…

Will: It’s called Borders & Fences so basically the album is about overcoming obstacles, hard times, whatever is in your way an just basically going through them, overcoming them and getting to that positive area. So maybe some of mix of Chutes & Ladders, Life, Monopoly, Jenga and Candyland.

Kendra: In the first single “Worlds Away” you say “I feel so lost” and instead of getting into some deep meaning, I want the literal. Do you have any horror stories of being lost on the road?

Kevin Nordeste: I was driving from Colorado early in the morning and they were all asleep. The GPS told me to go down this dirt road, so I just kept driving and before you know I’m in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing around me, just train tracks and broken down old cars. It was creepy and then the GPS just lost signal, like “route can’t be found.” I was freaking out. Then they woke up and were like, “Where are we?” I was like, “I don’t know the GPS went out.” The GPS finally got signal again and it told me to keep going and finally took me to a highway.

Kendra: What’s up after this tour?

Will: We’re going to be putting out another single in essence of the record that’s about to come out. We’re probably gonna shoot another video and probably going to focus on that for a few weeks.

Kendra: Alrighty, mixtape time. Being Southern gentlemen, I want you guys to each give me a song that you’d put on a mixtape for a real lady.

: Cartel “Deep South
Seth: Elvis “Blue Moon
Brad: Def Leppard “Hysteria
: This Love “Reflections
Troy: Parachute “She is Love


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