No Such Noise!: Life Goes On

First notes are like first impressions amongst people. In the case of No Such Noise!‘s Life Goes On, I was sure from the first couple seconds that it was going to be your typical rock record, nope. The I was happy to hear the Ska I’d been expecting with “Two years and 25 cents.” With that it was clear…pop punk meets Ska, that’s what this band’s all about.

“Cold Side” a parallel of many songs out and about feeling cramped by small town antics, riddled with “it gets better” affirmations like the familiar “life goes on.” From life downs to ladies, “Lexi Walker” was felt like the strongest song in the rock department, of course with Ska breakdowns to boot. But one gets what they’re truly good at in the feel good, “West Chester.” It’s like listening to Less Than Jake while baking in the Warped sun.

You can never hear sluts sound as happy as you can then on No Such Noise!’s Life Goes On. It dropped back on my day of womb escape in April, so head over to their bandcamp and get it because you’ll only find the physical means in June. So save a tree and go digital and be on the lookout for No Such Noise! when they head out on the road in July.


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