Jacob Jeffries Band: Tell Me Secrets

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is to enjoy the breeze blowing piano notes through my window. But today, I don’t have to rely on the talented youth of suburbia. Instead, the melodies of Jacob Jeffries Band’s, Tell Me Secrets, is echoing against my Parisian themed walls, illuminating this Los Angeles evening like it was the beginning of the afternoon.

Jacob Jeffries’ voice shuffled through my iTunes with exuberance and a syrupy soulfulness. The keys added to these buoyant beats, keeping me off my bed and dancing similarly to that of a girl found at a 1950’s sock hop.  Tracks like, “Suffocate” and “I Don’t Know,” kept me in a bubbly spirit – the music crisp like a cold, freshly opened bottle of Coke. Although the musicality of Tell Me Secrets is not exactly 1950s rock ‘n roll, the sentiment still remains. Who says you can’t cut a rug to some blue-eyed soul?

Although I was never really a committed fan of Gavin DeGraw or John Mayer, Jacob Jeffries Band has captivated my attention in some way. Perhaps it’s the imagery in “Crazy Under the Moon,” or the lyrically honest simplicity in “Struggles.” Perhaps because I am a poet by nature, I am drawn to the way words or woven, not just into my ears, but in my thoughts as well.

Tell Me Secrets debuts May 18th! Let loose and start your summer right by jitterbugging under the light of the moon.


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