Destroy Nate Allen: With Our Powers Combined

Love, it can make you do some crazy things; move in together, marriage, make a punk record with hints of folk? That’s what Nate and Tessa Allen did when they decided to fuse together and become Destroy Nate Allen five years ago.  With many albums and shows under their belts already, they’re looking to just add on to their musical resume in 2012 with their new album, With Our Powers Combined. At first it’s just this punk style; very fast, very abrupt…but then you do get a whiff of Bluegrass/Folk elements tossed in that make it something to stop and take notice of. But the best part of all? It’s downright entertaining on a hilarious level.

Tessa Allen definitely possesses that female punk lead in her shrill tactics when she takes on “Waking Up is Hard To Do” and “Hospital,” but when she’s teamed with Nate, things calm down a bit. Again, to point out the punk…DNA embrace that fashion with their quick jolts of energy, but still are able to incase an actual song in such a short span. Then they take “off the wall” things like veggies and tacos and create music out of them. “El Diablo Tacos Are The Best” was a definite reminder of Descendents “Weinerschnitzel.”

Then there was a string of songs that brought out laughter. “Chick Flick,” “We Talk Occasionally On The Internet,” “Our First Apartment (Ghetto)” and “Boobie Bar.” If those titles aren’t swaying you, then I don’t know where your sense of humor is. When you get to this point on the record, you’re like, okay…DNA is about taking every day occurrences and making light of them. With the undertone of humor, you get a Garfunkel and Oates feel.

With Our Powers Combined brings together the punk and folk world to tell a husband and wives tales of neighbor sex, romantic comedies and so much more. Destroy Nate Allen is planning on hitting the road throughout most of 2012, so keep an eye out for them in your area because if the record is that enjoyable through measly laptop speakers, one can imagine how it is live.


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