Dogjaw: Pilot

What’s this? What’s this? After feeling too much like Jack Skellington, I calmed myself. A whole album in my inbox. Just when I thought 2012 was shaping up to be the year of EPs and splits, a newcomer broke the mold. Dogjaw’s debut Pilot took more effort to listen to, due to being double the size of albums I’ve grown accustomed to over the past months.

Who is Dogajw? I asked myself the same question. They’re a trio of friends who hail from a small West Virginia town who happened to grow up on a lot of punk music. While the roots of their influences can be heard in the instrumentation, the overall sound of Pilot isn’t what I’d classify as punk. 11 songs deep, this album was more like if you fused the musical taste of a punk kid and paired it with vocals that were like if Jim Adkins was a deep baritone.

Taking this album on through only earbuds was a crime I committed, because when I got home and was able to play it loud and proud through speakers, the music took on a different persona. It was as if they became more alive. Tracks like “Riffterbator” and “Pecan Sandies” showcase their history as a DIY band who took on putting together their own shows in their small town. But there was something I felt was missing. Before I even peeped at these dudes Facebook pics, I thought that they verged on Ska if only the brass was there. “Kittens” was just one of a few songs that I thought; oh man…I wish some horns were in here. Then I mentally did some skank dancing.

The result of the punk music and Jim Price’s distinct sound makes for an interesting ride through and through with Pilot. You can get your little hands on Dogjaw’s debut on May 29th, but to get it off your to do list, just pre-order it now through Solidarity Recordings. And if you’re the first 35 peeps who pre-order you get a little something, something extra. Let’s hope it’s something with the album art on it. seriously, coolest cover art of the year so far.

Note: Dogjaw’s Pilot pre-order available now. Officially out May 29th. Touring? Check out their Facebook for where you can catch them.


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