The Stanleys: Always

Two hours until an appointment where I can see if I qualify for some cheap health care last week, I was stuck not being able to doze back into a dream where I marry Nick Carter. So I decided to stop being a lazy pants and write a little something, something about The Stanleys  debut EP, Always. In my notes you’d find a line drawn right down the middle, for one half was something I did my white girl sway to and the other was not so much to my liking. It’s as if The Stanleys took on two personas in just four songs.

We’ll start with the half I played on repeat, the first half. Lead single and title track “Always” started and my ears smiled. It was like Del Amitri’s “Roll To Me” and with that being said, you know it was a fun song to sing along to with not a care in the world. I wanted to be wearing my sunflower dress from 3rd grade and dancing in the sunbeams of summer. “What Are We Gonna Do?” was the perfect fit for “Always” in that it provoked the same carefree spirit.

Then the tone changed as the second half started. “Kids Gonna Rock” was as lively as the previous, but there was something missing. The positive laying in the lyrics was a nice touch, and could be someone’s personal anthem, just not mine. Then “My World”…it talked of Facebook and Tweets, and I found that odd, until I remembered The Stanleys met through MySpace (they must’ve been a band a long time now).

Always is half full of a pair of strong songs that will do the trick to turn a boring day into one of happy-go-lucky nonsense and two that might take time to fall for. This band and EP are for individuals who enjoy a little Everybody Else and Rooney, and you can catch The Stanleys on tour right now in China and in the US in June!


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