Ape Up!: Kemosabe

Ever been at a show when a band you’ve never heard of starts and you’re stuck looking like the awkward penguin meme? What do you do when the sound is abrasive and you’re just used to fun times like New Found Glory? This scenario was me as I listened to Ape Up! and their album Kemosabe.

Over the past year I’ve grown to live the raw energy of bands like Pentimento, but Ape Up! was too badass for me. “Nothing Serious” was like the time I seen SoCal’s Heart to Heart and I raised double metal horns (\mm/) to signify the hardcoreness of the music.

As the record played one has to wonder how the singer’s vocal cords are able to have that much force put on them. The elements that were just too much for me, those the exact things fans of The Sheds and Heart to Heart will appreciate.

In between all the distortional chaos, I was able to find moments a pop punk gal like me liked. “1-(800) Wild Dad” was like a quickie romp with a sexually charged enemy. It was rough, fast and could’ve taken place in a garage, since it sounded like that’s where it was recorded.

For a surprise, listen to “Drainbow.” The 360 degree turn from what’s before and after it will leave you with a dumbstruck look, and I appreciated the calm amidst the musical storm.

Ape Up! is for fans who rip the sleeves off their tees intentionally before going to Warped to make sure they’re ready for whatever the crowd has to offer. Kemosabe is not for the weak eared people of the world. Keep that in mind when you check out Ape Up! when Kemosabe drops May 2nd on Count Your Lucky Stars Records. And catch them if you’re in Europe with Prawn May 21st- June 29th.


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