The Danks: Are You Afraid of The Danks?

A Sunday afternoon reliving youth, watching Balto then taking a break to pour my thoughts about The Danks’ Are You Afraid of The Danks? It was a trip of muffled lyrics cascaded through Indie rock that fans of Vampire Weekend and Discovery would dive into without a second thought.

After “What We’re Doing,” “Who Knows?” was a delight as the lyrics came across clearer. But it was the raspy Coachella “No Radio” that took the lead at the start of the record. Once you trudge through the trio that kick things into gear, you’ll reach the one that would be the spoiled sibling if these were my children, “Die Young.” Instantly instagram photos of James Dean given that “old timey,” “I’m totally a photographer” look comes to mind as the youths blasting this tune come together to agree that now is the only moment that will ever matter.

As far as the rock side of Are You Afraid of The Danks? head over to “Automocar.” It’s starts off heavy, but rounds out. Then skip ahead to “374,” because that’s where you’ll find the rock anchor, holding things down at the end of the record.

The Danks’ Are You Afraid of The Danks? is available for guys and gals on May 22nd on Hidden Pony Records. Then if you’re dying to see them once you’ve checked them out and are in the Toronto area, you can see them at the Hidden Pony Records showcase for the North By Northeast Music Festival on at the Drake Hotel on June 14th.

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