Brian Larsen: Building

It’s a quaint Friday evening. The house is perfectly calm, and I’m in my garage spending time with my piano and my headphones, asking them how their week has been because I haven’t had any other time to check in. It turns out that the music world has been presented with another gift of song, found in none other than Brian Larsen with his latest album, Building.

Normally I’m not into hanging out with people my own age, but the topics presented in Larsen’s record resonate with most problems those experiencing a quarter-life crisis face. A lot of what is written, I feel, comes from a deep and personal place because, let’s face it, “Letting Go of the Past,” and questioning, “Did I Ever Mean Anything?” are topics that repeatedly make its presence known in the life of a twenty-something. As we navigate through our journey to adulthood, its important to have a voice in those moments where it feels like the map has been ripped from our grasp; there’s a voice to guide is, and genuinely so.

Lyrics aside, the musicality in Building is simultaneously familiar and refreshing.  The piano riff in “Hold Me Down,” briefly reminds me of the beginnings to A Fine Frenzy tune. The guitar picking in “One More Night,” brings me to my inner folk artist, and my thoughts turn to none other than Frank Turner.

Most of the songs are tranquil, as though Brian were sitting in your living room, stripped of inhibitions in order to comfort you through a delicate situation. Which brings me to another integral part of this review – there are too many records that focus on perfecting the vocals of a singer, removing any emotion, which might otherwise impact a listener. Luckily, Brian’s vocals are unprocessed; I really feel like he is here and not trapped in the speakers of my laptop.

For those who are interested in rediscovering and reconstructing their life – I highly recommend Brian Larsen’s, Building, for all the necessary tools.


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