Oceanics: Bright People

Coachella is going on about three hours from where I sit and I could care less. Robin Hood is on Disney Jr. and as the commercials come and go, OceanicsBright People distracts from the banter of advertisements not aimed at me. This Australian band started to form when half of them were in the 9th grade back when I was finishing up my senior year in 2005. When I had no clue what the future would bring in college, these four young men were set on making music their full time endeavors…Talk about making me feel unaccomplished…

Other than making me feel inadequate for my age, their music made me feel like the album title, bright. The light rock music is cheery, airy and the perfect companion for a beach day, or one thinking about skipping out on responsibilities to have a day of fun in UV rays. “Chinatown (is not Newtown)” has a Jason Mraz kick to it that compliments the sweetness of “American Honey.” I found myself turning more into a little buzzer every time I let that one roll over and play again, the nectar of “American Honey’s” core makes it one that sticks once it grows on you.  When things were winding up “Girl Don’t Tell Me” made me stop in my tracks. The resemblance was a mystery to solve it wasn’t a hard puzzle to piece. The last track will remind people of Foster The People’s “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)” in an instant.

Lazy Sunday’s at home with a good movie and music to fill in the cracks, that’s what living is all about, well for me at least. But maybe you’re the kind of guy or gal who is waiting for Vampire Weekend to get their shit together and release new material and need a band to latch on to…That’s where Oceanics can be of service with Bright People when it’s out and about May 15th.


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