Hollow Earth: We Are Not Humanity

Anyone into music, like really into music can relate to the power it has to encompass you and be the perfect match for your mood. Forever 16 and pissed at the world last week when Hollow Earth landed in my inbox, I knew I had to load it on my iPod. Usually any type of loud, hardcore, too badass for my ass music is something I pass on because I can’t connect to it and am left saying, “wtf did they just say?” in every song. But Hollow Earth’s We Are Not Humanity just fit my mood; pissed and aggravated to the core, hard that is.

“The Great Forgetting” ironically calmed me down because when it began I heard a hint of “No Apologies” in there and instantly thought of sitting in my older brother’s room in the early 90’s surrounded by black light posters and a herbal scent in the air. By the second song, “On The Bounty Of The Gods,” it was clear, this music was what I needed. The line “we’re destined to conquer” was the affirmation that anyone would need to lift their spirits.

With that being the only line I could get a grip on, the star of this record is the passion behind it, which is strange for me to type since words are my babies. But sometimes you have to take on the emotion behind the words that the rest of the band is putting forth and run with it, like with “On The Precipice.” One listen and you can see the crowd in a small venue, ceilings low, going absolutely insane from the start. The only time this one lost me was when the talking started. I didn’t need a speech, just stick to the music.

Yes, Hollow Earth’s We Are Not Humanity was a perfect match for my bad day because of its aggressive manner, but the hardcore charm of the album is a fit for whatever mood you’re in that day. This especially rings true if you’re a fan of bands like All Out War and Disembodied.


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