2/3’s of Makari Predict Progressive Hunger Games & Spring Break

Florida is under a microscope right now for a certain (nonexistent, seriously police?) case about a boy in a hoodie. You know the story because it’s been all every news outlet can talk about, shit look at this one. We’re a music blog and even we can’t help but think about it when a band’s Facebook declares they’re from the Sunshine State.

But let’s move away from what will be the talk of 2012 and focus on some harmonies. Makari is a progressive band that came to us via the wonderful world of Twitter. And we’re glad they reached out, because their sound that reminds us of a Golden Mixtape favorite (continue reading to see who that is!), is one we’re glad to share with everyone always ready to add new music to their world.

Here’s a quick and simple interview with Eric and Brandon, just two out of six, of Makari as they dish on Spring Break, memories and correct me on my hearing!

Kendra:  You have a full load with six members, so if you were forced to do some Hunger Games style battle, who’d win and why?

Eric & Brandon: John. He’s immortal. On tour, no one ever saw him sleep or eat.

Kendra: Does it take a lot of practice for live shows to make sure it just doesn’t end up with everyone running into one another?

Eric & Brandon: On smaller stages, some of us kind of set up on the floor. To be honest, we haven’t really run into that problem.

Kendra: When you do play live is it more like everyone’s in their own world or does everyone interact throughout the entire set?

Eric & Brandon: A little bit of both. We jam out ourselves, interact with each other, and of course the crowd at the show.

Kendra: Was there a recent tour you guys wanted to hop on?

Eric & Brandon: We’d love to get on the road with Sleeping With Sirens. Those guys just came through, and put on a great show.

Kendra: Was Lindsay and her ivory always a part of the Makari sound? Or was there something missing and she completed the puzzle?

Eric & Brandon: Lindsay was part of it from before day one, actually. Makari was formed from two bands (Skyline Summer and To Sleep, To Dream), Lindsay and Brandon were founding members of Skyline.

Kendra: The EP’s great by the way.  It’s a bit like Adalie (check them out if you haven’t already). And with you being in Florida, I wanted to know which Spring Break activity you think The Escape would be a perfect soundtrack for?

Eric & Brandon: Thank you! We will definitely check them out. We kind of feel like the songs of The Escape EP would be kind of ideal for a road trip. So maybe the car-rides destination to destination during Spring Break.

Kendra: In “Lapse” the line “let me share” popped out at me and I was curious if there was anything the rest of your band members hate to share, be it food, the front seat, things like that?

Eric & Brandon: It’s actually, “Let me show,” LOL. Matt and Kevin don’t like sharing the front seat, haha. It’s a constant “shotgun” battle between the two of them.

Kendra: (Who needs to an ear exam? This girl…) Time to share some memories. If you lost your memory, but happened to miraculously keep two, one musical and one nonmusical, which would you hope you retained?

Eric & Brandon: I suppose if we lost our memory, musically we’d hope to keep our abilities (to play, write, perform, etc). Non-musically, probably the memory of family/friends.

Kendra: Possibly being a part of Alternative Press? When you were featured did you cut it out and frame it?

Eric & Brandon: Haha, we don’t have it framed – but we definitely have a copy of it.                                               

Kendra: It’s mixtape time. You’re a progressive band and to me, progressive means changing the game in a way. So I want you to make me a mixtape of 5 songs by bands you think are “changing the game” of music right now and we’ll call it “Makari’s Progressive Mixtape.”

Eric & Brandon:
The Dreamer” I The Mighty
City Escape” The Dear Hunter
Get Out” Circa Survive
A Night At The Spleen” Closure in Moscow
French Girls” Harvard

Eric & Brandon:
“The Dreamer” I The Mighty
“City Escape” The Dear Hunter
“Get Out” Circa Survive
“A Night At The Spleen” Closure in Moscow
“French Girls” Harvard

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