Marcus of Super Prime: Key Clubs, Maturity and Super Bowls

The Key Club is often a quiet site sitting at the edge of the Sunset Strip. Once home to many of my college nights, it’s rare that I find myself there with the underground bathrooms.  The women’s’ having a makeshift boutique. The men’s who knows, I don’t have the equipment to use it. But last week I ventured there. It was a scene of youths, older ladies waiting for Cartel and way too many fraternity looking dudes who looked like they just strolled in to see “what’s up” on a Saturday night. Before Set Your Goals took their position as the headliner, Boston’s Super Prime played to an opener sized crowd.

The 20-something aged trio came out with a lot of energy to do their best to win the crowd over. It was easy to spot the Blink influence in the fast pace of the music and in the way Austin (bass)who looked like a mini Dave Franco, did a Hoppus stomp from one side of the stage to the other. Before their album dropped on 3/20, I was able to listen and I expected to hear an upbeat, pop ridden set. My expectations weren’t met. Instead of that, they sounded more mature.

Their drummer, Marcus who loathes the recorder, said their new album #FML was a combination of two previous EPs with a makeover, that caused the more radio friendly sound, but as far as live, he said, “We want to move on and mature. These songs were written a while ago, like two years ago.” So what you hear on the record is definitely harder live, and songs like “Brickski” came across just like that. Sadly though, I wanted to hear “FML” just because I thought it’d be fun, but the Mumford and Sons cover made up for it.

When this tour was announced, I was worried about Super Prime would be kicked to the curb (are people still saying that?) with bands like Set Your Goals and Mixtapes being on the bill, but Marcus pointed out to me, “Cartel is on the tour, so it was like, we can’t get poppier than Cartel.” So while I might have been worried for them, they were all for the adventure, “This was an opportunity to play for people, it’s what we do. This is what we want to do for our lives,” stated Marcus with a “fuck yeah” attitude. We then talked a second about Super Prime heading to the UK with pop rock darlings We Are The In Crowd and The Summer Set, we had to agree Super Prime would flip the script and be “heaviest band” on the bill then.

As Marcus and I sat outside the venue we were interrupted only once by some pseudo biker gang. We gabbed about how they came to be. School brought them together, but a break was taken to tour. But instead of going on about the past, we looked ahead more to the future. Wide eyed, Marcus admitted his long term goals, “Super Bowl is my dream.”

But on a smaller scale, he talked game plans to get there, “Most of the money comes from selling merch, selling singles. We just put the album on iTunes. So we’re going to try and push that. It’s interesting; the music business is always changing so it’s how to market. We’re trying to catch on to the newest thing to be best marketing so we have to use that now.” And what’s the best thing for marketing? Twitter of course and for those curious who’s sending out the Super Prime @replies…It’s Marcus. They all take a whack at it but Marcus is the prime man for that job.

You can check out Super Prime with Cartel and Set Your Goals for a couple more weeks here in the US and for two weeks in the UK with We Are The In Crowd starting April 11th. If you can’t make it out, do take the time to check them out and if you like what you hear, #FML is out now.

I couldn’t leave you without the mixtape portion. Marcus made us one for those days when everything’s going shitty, and he needs a pick me up.

FML Mixtape:
Foo Fighters “My Hero
Paramore “That’s What You Get”
Such Gold “Gut Rot
Barry White “Ecstasy
Drake “Forever


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