Super Prime: #FML

Bones that ache and bedtimes before Conan, I’m not describing my grandma, just myself. Approaching 25, I feel like an elder in the Warped crowd and it doesn’t help that when I hear “drive thru” I think of the label and not McDonalds. Enter Super Prime and their new album #FML  to make the birth date on my ID look like it says 1945. Their full length debut #FML is out now and just look at the title. If making use of Twitter jargon isn’t the way into the youth’s hearts, then the hyper music the Boston trio puts forth, is.

#FML is a fun and cute album, bottom line. “Just Like You” looks on the bright side of life, instilling in listeners that they’re “gonna make it through.” And it’s partner in crime “Vow” lacks my boyfriend Channing Tatum, but is this sort of mallrat love song insinuating a misfit vow between a pair I can see in my head, one in a Asking Alexandria tee, the other some “retro” Pokemon hoodie. And the references to what’s current like Facebook statuses and memories of a first semester throughout, really drive home who the core audience of #FML. Oh, to be young again…

With all this and that about how old #FML made me feel, you would think there was nothing, um, historic, about it. Think again. I’m getting a chance to sit down with Super Prime when they hit LA March 24th and will have to ask if MXPX was an influence of theirs because the whole time “Don’t Ask” went on, I could hear Mike Herrera, or rather his little brother looking to follow in his steps. One more quick note, which happen to be me shouting out the quickest track in the bunch, “FML.” It played like Blink’s bad word fest, or for cleaner ears a little Off By One.

Luckily Super Prime has an opening slot on the Set Your Goals/Cartel tour that kicked off the same day Super Prime dropped some #FML, March 20th in New Mexico, this means I won’t be tired when they go on (trust, it’s rough after college).  I’m looking forward to how they translate this upbeat pop infused rock to a Set Your Goals audience and I’m guessing my slow jam, “Song For Gabbi” won’t make the set, but nevertheless, check out Super Prime on tour and in stores now if bands like Count The Stars and Mayday Parade are your fancy. And look out for our interview with this next week.



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