Parry of The Silver Comet: Skrillex, Star Struck and “Sanging”

Firsts. Steps, words, tours. All memorable occasions you’ll be reminded of for the rest of your life when the littlest thing prompts you back to that moment. And for Parry Kitt of The Silver Comet, who knows what’ll conjure up fond memories of their first run on Warped Tour when it’s all over with?

But before they hit that hot trail known as Warped, and are tossed into the press corral, we wanted to get a piece of them. So Parry was nice enough to talk summer expectations, Hip-Hop, crime sprees and of course music.

Kendra:  Phil said that playing in front of Kevin Lyman was his life changing experience, how was it for you?

Parry: It was definitely a life changing experience. Having someone of musical prestige interrupt your set to tell you he wants to basically give you the opportunity to make a career out of music is not like any other life experience. I’m definitely forever grateful for that moment.

Kendra: Congrats by the way for booking Warped, which is a pretty grueling tour for your first one. What are some of your expectations from stories you’ve heard? Other than the unbearable heat of the hotter states…

Parry: I’m expecting lots of barbecues and lots of mosh pits. It will be cool to have people moshing to our music, but we’ll see if that happens.

Kendra: Will you ever find yourself intimidated backstage when it comes to being around vets of Warped?

Parry: I’m sure there will be times where I have to do a reality check and ask myself “Wait isn’t that so and so…didn’t we cover one of their songs?” I usually don’t get star struck, but that will for sure be a cool experience to have.

Kendra: Now I wanted to talk with you because growing up there wasn’t really any black people in the bands I listened to. So it’s great to finally see, and I wanted to talk a second about that. Did you ever have any problems going to shows when you were younger? I know I’d get stares like, “that black chick really likes this…”

Parry: You know I didn’t go to concerts until I was 19. My first show was OK Go back in 2010, so fortunately I didn’t have any of those encounters.

Kendra: Growing up in the very Hip-Hop centric Atlanta, did that play into your musical influences at all?

Parry: As a band we have such eclectic musical tastes. I, myself and Philip have an appreciation for Hip-Hop. Especially on the musical side because It’s such a beat driven genre. It’s fun to try to take Hip-Hop drum patterns and throw different rock progressions over it and kind of go from there.

Kendra: Speaking of Hip Hop, I was watching the Grammys and couldn’t help but think of what my grandkids might think about my generations music…How will you explain acts like Skrillex, Gaga and Minaj to yours one day?

Parry: My grandkids will be exposed to so much music growing up, and a lot will come from what I’ve grown up on. I think it’s really cool what Skrillex is doing doing; rock/dupstep mashups. Say what you want about Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj but they are revolutionary in their own respect.

Kendra: Moving on, with the Internet, I’ve kind of noticed the ideas of street teams have died. Is that something you’ve noticed as well? Is that something we need to revive, or is Twitter enough?

Parry: Twitter is definitely NOT enough. You have to maintain a social presence as a musician and as a brand. Why not get a few people who are just as passionate about your music as much as you are to help you a long the way. We just got our street team up and running which we welcome anyone to join.

Kendra: This one’s a little out there, but if you went on a crime spree assaulting the world (in the best way) with your music, what would your crime nickname be and why?

Parry: Dark Modesty cause I attack at night and I kill humbly :^>

Kendra: At the end of the day and this interview, what makes all of what you do musically worth it?

Parry: What makes it all worth it to me is the fact that I have a God given talent that is only magnified when I can share it with others.

Kendra: Now for the final one…Your guys sound differs because I can hear the difference in your voice compared to many bands. You don’t have the nasal pop punk sound, but rather a more “this dude can hold a note” voice. So I wanted you to make us a mixtape of your top 5 songs with vocalists you admire? We’ll call it the “They Can Sang Mixtape.”

Michael Jackson ”Give In To Me
Brandy “A Capella
Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon) “Be Somebody
Tina Turner “I’ll Be Thunder
Beyonce “I Care


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