Breag Naofa: Breag Naofa

There are some songs you hear and instantly say, “Now, that’s a radio hit.” Then you have other that leave you staring like you’ve seen Bigfoot, Casper and Dracula having a tea party; confused and scared all at once. That feeling never left me as Breag Naofa’s self-titled. And while it may be only four tracks, the album will be 40 minutes of your life, and if you’re into testosterone driven rock that lacks the fluff of mainstream hits, then this rock record you’ll spend way more than 40 minutes with.

It’s a fact I think horror movies are cheesy but it’s only because I love the reality of fear. And “I” is just that. It starts off with a murderous voice and then for a couple minutes you’re left a hostage of sound as you wait for what’s around the corner. Finally the vocals come in and you’re at ease once more. “II” doesn’t leave you waiting around that long and the lyrics kick things into gear faster than the previous. But in the end, it takes a special listener to get what’s being said. Trust, this isn’t for the pop punk ears. It’s more the style of my older brother who wore nothing but black band tees and long hair to match as he head banged while I played obliviously with Barbies.

Nothing I would ever take on as my own, so I pass along Breag Naofa self-titled album to those who will appreciate every guitar, bass, drum and word to escape it. Fans of Callisto and Isis are welcomed to take Breag Naofa under their metal wings and give this Seattle band a home.


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