Belle Histoire: I Can Tell

Right now I’m sitting in a hallway waiting for my boss to open the door. I get here about an hour before everyone because I can’t stand the sight of most people, okay all the people I work with. I’m counting down the hours until I can gab with my mom about last night’s The Voice and tell her that Jane Smith of Belle Histoire should really be on there. I mean if Dia Frampton, Juliet Simms and Charlotte Sometimes can, why not? Jane shows off her chops with the rest of Belle Histoire on their new EP I Can Tell; half the best part of your day and the other half for the downtime when you’re alone and questioning everything from relationships to reality.

“Stay Awhile” and first single “Be Alright” set the tone for a New Girl episode. Cue the dough eyes Ms. Zooey D. Both are light reminders of why we smile when we hear a good song. “Stay Awhile” has a more indie feel, while its partner in delightful crime had positive vibes escaping every which way. It was the tracks down the road that turned things around, but not in a bad way. Okay, well “Misguided” had a line “nothing to say” that kind of rang true because that track fell behind. It was as if I tuned out until it was wrapping up. But “Sailing Ships” brought me back and reminded me of the calmer parts of Paramore’s Brand New Eyes, well executed harmonies between male and female counterparts that pulled the record together.

Belle Histoire’s I Can Tell is for those who like airy music that packs in a lot of depth when it’s slowed down a notch. Those who once covered their notebooks with Rilo Kiley tales told in lyrics, and take the time to go and see Eisley will enjoy I Can Tell, know how I know? I can just tell.

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