Zach & Hector of Lost In Society on Green Day, Internet and the Feeling of 30K…

Jersey, what can I say that hasn’t already been said the last few years? Let’s try and forget for a second what MTV ditched music for for just a second and focus on the good that’s come from the Garden State. Springsteen, Bon Jovi and in later years for an angst ridden generation, My Chemical Romance. Those are the names we’ve come to know in Jersey Music, but shall we add another to the mix?

Lost In Society are a trio of Punk Rock gentlemen with their eyes set on the ultimate finish line. Already yards ahead of other bands with their countless contest wins and style, Lost In Society are ready to branch out of the East Coast where they’ve gained a loyal fan base and into the West and rest of the world.

So with the help of the web, I on in the Golden State and them in the Garden State, 2/3’s of LIS sat down at their laptop to dive into everything from influences to texting plans…

Kendra Beltran: MTV used to be the center of my musical world until some not so lovely ladies and gentlemen from your neck of the woods infected it with an abundance of STDs. So first off, if your band were given the opportunity to rid Jersey and the world of Snooki and Co. what would your plan be?

Hector Bonora: Hahaha this is a good question to start off an interview. First I would cancel that horrible show and make sure that it never goes on air again and then I would simply look at each of them in the eye and tell them that they all made asses out of them selves, and that they should move to another country and lay low for a while until America forgets about them. God I hate that cast.

Zach Moyle: I would make the setting of the next season in an active Volcano. Just kinda drop them out of a plane and say good luck.

Kendra: Like many bands your age, Green Day is it as far as inspiration. What is it about Green Day that’s placed them on this pedestal?

Hector: I think what makes Green Day so amazing, aside from their music, is the fact that they do whatever they want, however they want, and whenever they want. They are not pretending to be something they are not, and I think that’s a huge reason why people are so attracted to them. It’s real. Not like Rebecca Black and her fucking awful song “Friday,” hahaha!

Zach: What I really like about Green Day is that none of their albums really clash
together and sound exactly the same. Every one of them has a certain vibe and I really like that. I think this is why people are harsh on them now. Dookie was a great album, but why would they make six more Dookie’s instead of writing what they feel at that point in time.

Kendra: Is Green Day who Lost in Society model their career after?

Hector: I wouldn’t say model our career after Green Day, they are just a huge influence on us. They created their own special place in history, and I don’t want to do what Green Day did, I want to create my own history and hopefully someday I would be a huge influence on a band. They did their thing and I love them for it, but now it’s our time!

Zach: I agree with Hector, work ethic wise I would say I would take a blueprint from Green Day and the Foo Fighters, they both work their asses off and have been successful for almost two decades now.

Kendra: You had a pretty good start booking your own shows. How did you manage to figure out the ropes of that?

Hector: Booking is all trial and error. We did a lot of Google searches, gig swap with other bands, and just put a lot of time into it because that’s what you have to do with booking. There is no easy way around it. We have been doing it for a while now and we just started having set places that we can go and play in various cities. I guess our hard work paid off.

Zach: I leave all of that to Hector, he tends to do a great job with it. I book a show here and there when I get contacted, but other than that Hector does the heavy lifting. And now our new manager Jeanne has been killing it as well.

Kendra: You guys have an old school approach that’s very grassroots in terms of promotion; street teams and fliers. But what’s the deal with texting? Do you personally text fans?

Hector: I text fans like it’s my job hahaha! In today’s world that’s how things get around so it’s either you do it or get left behind. It’s honestly the best way to get people to your shows and get them to listen to your music. I have so many random people in my phone that I don’t know, they are just there because I send them band text messages.

Zach: Same exact response as Hector. I used to just annoy the hell out of people until they would go to the show, but now they like us so it makes it a lot easier.

Kendra: Why didn’t you just want to rely on the Internet for spreading your music?

Hector: The internet is great and all but having a personal relationship with your fans makes all the difference. I like meeting new people at the shows and telling them about our music because it makes them feel like it’s not just an advertisement or another YouTube video, it’s more real. That’s what I think at least.

Zach: I really, really, really suck with computers. I can type and not much more. So I rely on every other source of communication and spreading the word face to face.

Kendra: So many bands do only Internet and with all the new bands that pop up every day, maybe one will go on to do anything relevant. What in you tells you the whole band thing is a good idea?

Hector: People ask us this all the time, and I can’t explain it. It’s just a gut feeling I have and from all the progress we have made so far I think now it’s just a matter of time and sticking to it. A lot of bands do it for a while and realize how hard it is and quit, not us. We love doing this more than anything so we are not stopping anytime soon. Last man standing always wins.

Zach: I’ve had a goal since I was 14 and I’m not one to break promises or give up on something I love. Also I’m not a huge fan of college…love the parties, hate the work, pretty typical I guess. But people really are starting to see that we have a lot of potential and we’re starting to make moves and people are starting to talk. I’m confident that something big can happen.

Kendra: Maybe it’s the constant success you guys have in terms of contests and awards. How do you manage to set yourselves apart from other bands in these competitions?

Hector: We don’t try to do anything fancy, we literally just go up there dressed like
we normally would and we just rock out. We have a great following in our area and our fans are literally nuts. My good friend Kevin Kelly did a front flip off The Brighton Bar stage into a crowd surf, hahaha! We don’t pretend to be something we are not, and I guess the good music also helps.

Zach: We’re playing music that people need right now. Emo and poppy bubblegum
bands are getting pushed aside. It’s time to bring good ole Punk Rock back and give people what they need, even if they don’t know it yet. And we put on a killer live show.

Kendra: How did it feel to win The Metromix Breakthru?

Hector: Like $30,000 dollars!

Zach: It felt right, we deserved it. We brought the most people, the craziest mosh
pitting, stage diving, sing along fans and played a really tight show. It also felt like $30,000!

Kendra: Are you going to take those winnings and head out west this year and tour?

Hector: We want to go out west so bad!!!! If we can find the right opportunity we
will definitely be going out there soon. Worst case scenario we will make it out west by 2012. SO HELP US! Haha

Zach: Yea, I’m with Hector on this one. Going out west would be awesome. Just
need to find the right time and opportunity.

Kendra: Sticking with 2011 happenings…if you had to describe your next EP, Give Me Your Hope, to someone who’d never heard music before, how would you?

Hector: I literally don’t know how to answer this question. Haha I am sorry!

Zach: Hey, Japan just had a major disaster, The U.S. is at war with another
country, and this is our last full year on Earth. You should listen to this album before we have a disaster here, or you get drafted, or before 2012. I guess that’s what I would say. They would probably stick around long enough to hear one song. And after that, its cake.

Kendra: Lastly, music’s obviously a comfort zone for you, but where is one place, time or situation where you feel lost?

Hector: I feel lost all the time! After all I am in Lost In Society 🙂

Zach: IT-100. Fuck computers!


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