Young Statues: Young Statues

With temperatures dropping, it is severely important to find the proper apparel to adorn ourselves in before winter settles inside us. Aside from the obvious – scarves, beanies, hoodies, and coffee mugs – Young Statues’ newly released self-titled LP should be another must-have winter item on your list. While it might not be able to keep your skin from absorbing the seasonal chill, it certainly can keep other important organs in your body warm. (I’m talking about the soul here, folks.)

At first listen, Young Statues might sound like every other indie band in the world with guitar driven songs and reverbed melodies. However, there is a warmth in Carmen Ciringano’s voice, which is also reflected in every other aspect of the album. The lyrics are soulful. And even with heavy weighted topics like failing friendships (“Losing A Friend”), there is a keen sense of optimism. There’s no doubting that there is an immense presence of tragedy on the record, but yet, the darkness is never completely black, as each song offers a tinge of light.

Admittedly, there were times when I got lost in the beat of the strings, especially with tracks, “Spacism,” “Pretty Girls Make Raves,” and “Bumble Bee.” Unknowingly I began to memorize every lyric, despite thinking that all my energy was devoted to cutting up a rug. The melodies are extremely catchy, which not only makes them easy to learn, but again, combined with heartfelt lyrics, the songs capture the listener’s attention on a more personal level.

If you, much like myself, crave a record to listen to during cold walks through the leaves, something with a crisp and airy feel, Young Statues is a good companion. Your hand will be held, then swung, then held again as you walk along bundled in your newly purchased peacoat. But what is important is that you will have friend to keep your ears, thoughts, and toes warm.

Reviewed by: Ashley Jean

Originally published on Nov 13, 2011


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