Young English: I Hate My Friends

The EP format is simple and allows listeners to have just enough material to fall in love, yet ache for more when it’s through, it’s like a summer fling at any part of the year. Young English must’ve figured that out withI Hate My Friends. Not only is that a true statement for most of us, but a quad sized EP that will have you grounded on their coastal sound. Hailing from the other OC in NYC, you can hear their geographical sounds in every chord and riff. Every word is more genuine and delivered with the same intensity you can find on one of my favorite albums of 2011, Pentimento’s Wrecked.

“Neighbors” has that raw energy and a line that takes it miles, “…we’re all too young to die.” Yes, yes we are and we’re all too young to sit back and let new music pass us by. Young English isn’t one to be cast aside for all the high school kids; it’s got a mature enough sound to grab the attention of the elders still holding on to hope that Jesse Lacey will marry them. Which is the perfect lead in to “New England,” another one with a line everyone and their brother from another mother can hold on to, “…sorry I couldn’t be a better man for you.”

Broken hearts and the sound of “Anchors” surrounded by rock that’s all dude, like Gasoline Heart but with a itty bit more edge to it. So if you like bands like Pentimento (because you should) and Basement, then you’ll dig what Young English has going on with I Hate My Friends.

Reviewed by Kendra
Originally published Dec 3, 2011


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