We Are The In Crowd’s Jordan Eckes: Skyrim, eHarmony and Shit Talkers

There’s some things you never want to give up and for me, that’s my childhood. Mentally I am somewhere between 8 and 14. I love cartoons, can’t handle “adult” conversations and will forever fit in more with the people at a We Are The In Crowd show than a Coldplay concert.

Since 09, WATIC have had me hooked to their fresh faced pop rock that reminded me of the music I loved when I first left the boy band world for a more “rocking” one that was flooded with Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. They’re attitude driven, back and forth style is a little badass but not too much that they’d be on tour with the likes of Chiodos any time soon, but that’s okay because they’re doing very well doing their own thing touring with There For Tomorrow and Mayday Parade right now and All Time Low early next year.

So in between a drive from here to there on the Noise Tour, Jordan Eckes sat in the van, ate a bad tomato and let me in to his crowd for a few for a quick chat.

Kendra Beltran: You probably don’t remember, but I bombarded you a couple Warped’s ago while you were waiting in line for food. Anyways, you guys said that Guaranteed to Disagree was written with Summer in mind, so was Best Intentions written with Fall in mind?

Jordan Eckes: We just wanted to go and build upon what we did with the EP so I wouldn’t say it was a Fall record, it’s just a Guaranteed to Disagree 2.0 with more awesomeness.

Kendra: I’ve always thought your guys lyrics had an extra bit of sass to them. Was that sense of attitude always in you? Like did you write your school essays with that extra zing?

Jordan: I didn’t’ really go to school, ever, so I didn’t really write any papers. Mike was kind of the paper guy.

Kendra: Did he write his papers like that?

Jordan: Yeah, and he used to do other people’s homework for money. He used to pull in like 4-500 dollars a week doing other peoples term papers.

Kendra: Might not be the best direction to go, but if you had to compare Best Intentions to your favorite book, which would it be and why?

Jordan: I haven’t read a book since probably like since 1999. I can compare it to the Skyrim Players Guide released by Prima because that’s probably gotta be my favorite book.

Kendra: You’ve probably answered this a million times, but what direction do you think We Are The In Crowd would’ve taken if there was only one vocalist?

Jordan: I don’t know. That’s like an impossible question to answer because it wouldn’t be We Are The In Crowd unless it was two vocalists and the five of us. So let’s just say it would’ve been like a hardcore band. Rob would’ve sang. It would’ve been really good. But yeah, it’s impossible to answer that question because We Are The In Crowd is five people.

Kendra: But with two singers and one being a lovely lady, are there reverse groupies for Tay?

Jordan: Tay gets proposed to like once a night at the shows by dudes and girls sometimes.

Kendra: Do you ever feel famous?

Jordan: I mean I feel famous because I’m really tall and people see me because I’m tall, so that’s about the only thing I feel famous about.

Kendra:  Can you recall your first autograph experience?

Jordan: Yeah, I think it was my mom. My mom just tends to ask me for autographs when I’m like walking around the house; it’s kind of our thing.

Kendra: What would you do, realistically, if this all ended tomorrow?

Jordan: I would go back to Ducthess County, to my basement and sit on my computer for a couple hours and think about what could’ve been, download a bunch of movies and hang out with my dog for probably the next fifteen years.

Kendra: You’d probably go back to the regular way of dating as well, so if we had to build you an eHarmony profile, what would be your top three turn-ons?

Jordan: I like short girls, no cats…no cat lovers and you have to be able make a good sandwich or something. I mean that in the least sexist way possible.

Kendra: In the recent AP you guys touch on the naysayers and the hostility some people have towards you guys. Do you think it’s because you’re all so young?

Jordan: I just think people like talking shit; everyone talks shit. I don’t really let it bother me. I think it just fuels the fire. We’re gonna do what we’re gonna do, regardless. I don’t even take the time to wonder why they’re saying anything.

Kendra: Haters aside, after this tour with There For Tomorrow and then heading over to the UK with All Time Low, what’s up for you guys?

Jordan: Those are secrets that will remain unknown.

Kendra: Last one, so if you had to make me a mixtape of the songs you were listening to when you weren’t hitting the books, what would you send me?

DMX “Where Da Hood At?”
DMX “Party Up
Salt-n-Pepa “Let’s Talk About Sex
Loverboy “Working for the Weekend
Anything by Elvis Costello

Originally published on Nov 8, 2011


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