We Are The In Crowd: Best Intentions

You have to be able to admit when you’re old,  and it never is as apparent then when you’re at a show. When did you grow out of Hot Topic and the feeling of having to have the latest trends? Thick, plastic bracelets anyone? Months ago I came to that conclusion but also a realization at a We Are The In Crowd show in LA. I concluded I was probably the oldest person into their pop rock sound cascaded with witty one liners, but I also realized I didn’t care how old their fan base was, I loved them. So you can imagine how much I’ve been waiting for their new full length, Best Intentions.

With the much anticipated follow up to 2010’s Guaranteed To Disagree, WATIC have managed to keep the same formula as their EP going strong, and the end result? An album most likely to be on repeat throughout the rest of 2011. Taylor Jardine and Jordan Eckes stuck to the back and forth style that lets each perspective shine through clever lyrics like “Exits and Entrances’” “believing a liar is feeding the fire.” It’s lines like that and other rhyming pairs that make me want refer to WATIC as a Suessical experience set to a pop rock beat.

Wockets in Pockets aside, Best Intentions has numerous gems that make me sad their upcoming tour with There For Tomorrow’s skipping my hood. First single, “Rumor Mill” opens the record and is very much like Guaranteed To Disagrees’ “Carry Me Home” in that you know it’s the song that’ll start every set due to its extensive intro that leads up to the “bang” of the first note. Another song to keep an ear out for is “On Your Own” and it’s catchier than a cold chorus. One last one to throw out, “Kiss Me Again,” which I wasn’t too fond of at first but after a while I was on board. And if there’s a Prom 2 in the works, this Selena Gomez sounding tune is bound to make it on the soundtrack.

To show you that I can see things from two points of views like WATIC, let’s showcase some my iPod found a little harder to play again and again. “Worst Thing About Me” and “You’ve Got It Made” didn’t really do their thing like the others, so we’ll just leave it at that.

The ping pong storytelling, entertaining lyrics and youthful sound is what you can expect from WATIC’s Best Intentions. So if you somehow missed out on the WATIC magic before, just know if you’re a fan of The Summer Set and/or We The Kings, you’ll like this album just as much or even more when it drops October 4th. Save that date and note some more dates because you can catch WATIC on tour with label mates There For Tomorrow, Mayday Parade and You Me at Six this fall and All Time Low early next year, you’ll have plenty of chances to see WATIC on the road to support Best Intentions.

Reviewed by Kendra Beltran

originally published on Sept 27, 2011


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