Ultraviolet Sound: Taking on the World One Dance Step at a Time

No rhythm on my end, so what am I doing with a pop group who likes to make people move? I guess trying to get inside a world I am foreign to, and with Ultraviolet Sound as my guides, I may come out understanding dance a little bit more. So the senses pleasing duo, Sarah and Sami who make up UVS taught me a thing or two about why it is they do what they do in the world of pop/dance music and touched on some other tidbits along the way including a very interesting babysitter.

Kendra: Sami, what made you trade the rock world for the dance floor?

Sami: The face that I’m a dancer has a lot to do with it, and I just love making electronic music more than rock music. The Beatles and Zeppelin are still my favorite bands though!

Kendra: Now Sarah, I heard a lot of attitude behind “Suck My Kiss” and “FU*KDUP” was that sassiness in you since you were a little girl? Were you the one always starting trouble in the classroom?

Sarah: I am an Aries. I was born with fire in my belly! I have always been a little naughty.

Kendra: Now you two met in 05’ but didn’t break out until 08’, what filled your time in those few years?

Sarah: We moved from New York to LA during that time and started really building up UVS. We were writing a lot, putting our band together and discovering what we wanted to say, sound like and stand for.

Kendra: Now to dive more into the music. Dance music is a whole other world to me, so it seems fitting to ask the two of you this. What are the goals behind making dance music? Is it to just make people move, or is there something deeper?

Sami: It’s not different from the goals of making any kind of music. It’s supposed to “move” people physically, emotionally, spiritually. It doesn’t matter what genre it is; good music is universal.

Kendra: And when you set out to do dance music, did you have a definitive fan base in mind?

Sarah: We didn’t set out to make “dance music,” we set out to make pop music. Our goal was to make a great pop album, so we thought about what that meant to us and created it. Our sound is always evolving and changing, and we have probably lost some and gained a lot of fans from that.

Kendra: There’s obviously an audience for dance music, or else you wouldn’t be doing as well as you’ve been, so I was wondering if there is still a dominant club scene like there was back in the day with the 80’s Club Kids?

Sarah: Well, we were about 3 years old in 1895 so not so sure what that was like! And I really only go to gay clubs…They are always dominant!

Kendra: Speaking of the ‘80s, Sarah, Cher babysat you? Was it all singing and dancing?

Sarah: My dad in a pop group in the 70’s called The Hudson Brothers…They guested on The Sonny & Cher Show a few times and became quite close with Cher. She is a family friend and definitely one of my biggest inspirations. My parents would drop me off at her house and we would make necklaces together, walk on the beach, go bowling…One time she even let me wear one of her wigs for Halloween…pretty surreal!

Kendra: Not only your idol but my mother’s as well, so if I don’t ask my mother will kill me. If you could go back to a pinnacle Cher moment and live it out as her, which would you choose and why?

Sarah: I would of course be the “Turn Back Time” Cher…In that video with all of the sailor boys and that amazing outfit! “Turn Back Time” all the waaaaay!

Kendra: You two have this huge love for music and the dance floor that’s showcased throughout your self-titled album, but if you had to personify your record to be your perfect mate, who might it look and act like?

Sarah: Sami.

Sami: Sarah.

Kendra: New record and legion of fans….When and where can people expect to see you guys live?

Sami: All future tour plans and new shows will be added to ultravioletsound.com and our Facebook.

Kendra: I can’t believe I’m asking this because it seems like 2011 only began, but what’s up with your plans in 2012?

Sami: We are getting back into the studio ASAP. New music will be out for our fans and for the rest of the world to discover USV! We have another record in us just dying to come out!

Kendra: Lastly, we always ask for artists to make us a special mixtape and would love you two to do the same. So if I asked you to make me a mixtape of your top five songs to relax to after a night out on the town dancing, which would you send me?

Led Zepplin “Going to California
Mazzy Star “Fade Into You
UVS “Strawberry Fields Forever” (cover)
Prince “I Would Die 4 U
The Beatles “Across the Universe

Interview by Kendra Beltran

Originally published on Sept 24, 2011


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