Three Point Landing; Feeling Good Feels Good

Many of Three Point Landing’s fans may be young, so it is only fitting that I felt younger listening to this album, which was a relief after celebrating my 24th birthday yesterday. That fresh feeling was also carried well into the story I wrote in my head while the tracks of their album, Feeling Good Feels Good. Fitting into the time of year, “The Summer We Won’t Forget” gets you pumped for a vacation away from studying and homeroom drama. As the handful play on the energy is high hitting the peak of summer in the middle, all the while winding down at the end with “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” signaling the back to school sales as the reality bells beckon. Sweet lyrics and catchy choruses, yup that’s what summers all about when you’re young…can you tell I am in denial about the birthday? So if you’re into bands like The Summer Set (a lot of summer talk) and All Time Low, and need a soundtrack for your three months of freedom? Then Three Point Landing’s Feeling Good Feels Good is for you.

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