There For Tomorrow’s Jay and Chris on The Verge of Warped

There For Tomorrow is one of those bands that pops up on every tour you go to, whether it be Hit The Lights or Ludo. They’re always opening for bands I want to see and every time I just stand that and attentively watch, waiting for that “Backbone” song I fell in love with off a Take Action compilation. But alas, another year and another tour There For Tomorrow has popped up on. No strangers to the Warped realm, There For Tomorrow is on it once again and this time it’s to support their latest and according to them a classic vibe of an album called The Verge. So read and carry on because below their bassist Jay Enriquez and drummer Chris Kamrada had more to talk about other than their music, like the fashion don’t of the summer fest.

Kendra: So what keeps you coming back to Warped Tour?

Chris: We just put out a new record and we just decided this was the most appropriate first tour for us to showcase new songs live and promote the record because there’s so many young and new faces and fans that show up to Warped Tour.

Kendra: Can you tell me a little bit more about the new record?

Jay: It’s called The Verge and it was done in about 20 days?

Chris: Less than a month and we wrote it in seven days.

Kendra: If you could compare your lives on Warped Tour to a current Summer Blockbuster movie what would it be?

Jay: One that hasn’t been created yet…Maybe like Indiana Jones 7.

Chris: You know I haven’t seen a lot of movies yet this summer but I’d like to think of it as, we really went for a classic vibe with this album and we didn’t do all the fancy stuff when recording things and overusing modern day technology to fake things with auto tune and I feel like that would be a record compared to Transformers 3; overdone, top notch, too much money and too much stuff.

Jay: We’ll say this is Super 8.

Chris: A little more classic vibe, Super 8 is a more classic movie and original and that’s what we wanted.

Kendra: Speaking of classic and whatnot, there’s a lot of different fashions and styles at Warped Tour. With that, is there a definite fashion don’t you see too often?

Jay: Um…Maybe not caring enough about what you think in general.

Chris: Please, please, please don’t wear tight jeans if you don’t fit into them. You look ridiculous.

Jay: Like you’re overflowing in them.

Chris: Just wear some gym shorts and sandals and be comfortable. At the end of the day no one really cares.

Kendra: What’s up for you guys after Warped Tour?

Chris: Well we’re going to keep supporting this record as much as we can. We can’t announce what touring we’re going to be doing, but we’re going to be doing a lot of world traveling. One big thing about There For Tomorrow and our fanbase if that we’re global and we try to reach all parts fo this world, not just the United States. I can guarantee that we’ll be doing a full US tour. So just keep your eyes peeled for that.

Kendra: And one last one, I’d like you to make me a mixtape of the top 5 bands on Warped Tour this year, shoot!

Jay: I don’t know song names very well…

Chris: Let’s go with Moving Mountains “Where Two Bodies Lie.” The second song…

Jay: Bad Rabbits?

Chris: What’s your favorite bad Rabbits song?

Jay: I’m not good with song names…

Chris: I don’t know any names, all I know is that they’re really good. But any of theirs because they’re a fun band and really, really good live. Track three I’m going to have to say There For Tomorrow “Nowhere BLVD” because that’s one of our favorites from the new album. Track four; I’m going to say The Dangerous Summer “Work in Progress.”

Jay: The Wonder Years.

Chris: Yeah, Wonder Years, “Coffee Eyes.”


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