The Legend Lives; The Preface

Sometimes I don’t feel cool enough to listen to some bands. Their music painting pictures of out of control pits driven by the hard sounds of their live show. When all this comes to mind with just a CD in hand, you know you have a great record. And although I am just not badass enough, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what The Legend Lives has to offer on their record, The Preface. The Legend Lives’ music sounds like if Set Your Goals lost the little fella and mated with The Chariot. Fast paced, punk infused and a rapper’s delight is what The Legend Lives entails. Listeners will get everything from over the top rock with “Flatline” to the calmer sounds of “Drown it Out.”  And did I say rapper? Well you’ll just have to check out”Buck 30” to see what I’m talking about. So if you’re cooler than me, which almost everyone is, than take this geeks advice and get down to The Legend Lives The Preface.


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