The Hotel Year: …it never goes out

Going green in the musical sense, Mightier Than Sword is reissuing The Hotel Year’s …it never goes out on October 11th and with good intentions. The reissue will allow it to head out and invade more pleasing punk fans lives.

The group vocals in songs like “Vacancy” show off their unity, while multiple lyrics tell the story of dudes who of course have had their lady letdowns, but also a disdain for authority. Over the past year or so I can’t even count how many songs are about being the outcast and whatnot, so it was a hit of an inhaler to be introduced to “Our Lives Would Make A Sad, Boring Movie.” It takes on the educational system and if this was a debate, The Hotel Year would dominate with their well thought out points put to song. whether they’re singing along with one another or breaking things down, it’s always understandable, which is something greatly appreciated. You’re not left scrabbling for when “Still- Water Spectacle” gets a bit on the hardcore side of life.

Somewhere between the brash roads of punk and the heartbreak of bands like Man Overboard lies The Hotel Year’s …it never goes out. Less than a handful of guys from the MA who look like the typical moody boy in your English 101 class. He wears a faded Movielife shirt, is always scribbling things you’re trying to read over his shoulder and when he does his presentations, you’re more in tune with the purity of his delivery and the fact that when he’s done all you can do is picture his vivid explanation of carving someone’s back like a Thanksgiving turkey with a Swiss army knife.

Reviewed by Kendra Beltran

Originally posted Oct 10, 2011


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