The Gromble: The Gromble

The Gromble – a name that sounds familiar, but why? Is it because they’re a local emerging So-Cal indie band? Or perhaps, is it because their song, “Cold Wolves,” is the theme song for “Andy and Chaz Bugger Off to America”? Well, if that isn’t ringing any bells, then I’m guessing my 90’s childhood is playing a part in this name-game and I’m thinking of the monster that wore red high heels on all four of his feet in Nickelodeon’s Ahhhh! Real Monsters.

Come to think of it, I have no doubt in my mind that the dudes of The Gromble were less than inspired from their share of summers watching cartoons. Their album art on their self titled EP alone can attest to such a suspicion. While it would be pointless to go into careful detail about how hilarious and unique the illustrations are, I feel it is only necessary that I tell you to not overlook it. Yes, it’s silly – but the playfulness is what should charm and lure in the unsuspecting passer-by with the same curiosity and innocence as a child’s picture book.

Playfulness aside, the content of the EP is actually quite mature. The listener is taken on a journey with the first song, “Carolina,” which is immensely upbeat and danceable, and then slowly the tone and tempo is quieted as we stroll through songs like, “NYC Frog” (a personal favorite, and not just because I play “Pocket Frogs” on my iPod), and “Ballad of Steve.” Yet despite the easy-going sound of it all, the intensity and artistry of the lyrics are still captivating enough to evoke images of requited love in a big, chaotic city. The song, “Desole,” comes to mind with the phrase, “How could I have hurt you, Ocean eyes that turned the sky blue…”

I was pleased to load The Gromble into my iPod and play it with the windows down on a drive along the 210 freeway. It’s the kind of EP that is a perfect companion for a warm, autumn day. Eventually, because their melodies are extremely catchy, I was able to sing along into the wind, my voice echoing into La Tuna Canyon Park with, “You’re right behind me but your hands are full, you’re right behind me but your hands are full…”

Reviewed by: Ashley Jean

Originally posted on Sept 20, 2011


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