The August Infinity: To Whom It May Concern

There are a handful ways in 2011 to discover new bands. One is to go out and see them live and the other is to troll the internet and hope to stumble upon your next new iPod addition. There used to be MTV, but we all know the only way to be showcased musically on that channel is to provide the soundtrack to a drunken bar fight on Jersey Shore or to be the heartfelt background music on Teen Mom, but that’s another story for another day. And really, you probably wouldn’t find The August Infinity on either of those shows. Their rock sound doesn’t seem the right fit for either, and in reality you’re more likely to see them opening up for bands like Buckcherry.

The August Infinity’s To Whom It May Concern is a whole lot of rock that doesn’t leave room for much else. Definitely hear them in that leather clad, too cool for school class of rockers that have Buckcherry and Black Stone Cherry with songs like “Mother Mary” and “Fever.” Also listening brought me back a couple years to The Used with “Make You Crazy,” which rendered me to think about The Used’s Lies for the Liars. Standing out among the crowd though was “So Long.” It didn’t remind me of anyone and that’s why I wanted to make sure to point it out. This is the song that will win the crowd over again and again.

So if you like bands like Buckcherry and also the music The Used put out recently (which is like two years ago), then The August Infinity’s To Whom It May Concern is just up your alley waiting for you to take it home.

Originally published on July 31, 2011

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