Still Sky’s the Limit: Last Chance Past

Against a blue sky, a sign reads, “Last Chance Past.” The image is perfect when   you consider the fact that life, while an open road, only travels forward. It seems depressing to think of one’s missed chances, however the sun is shining, and what lies ahead could be better than what one left behind. While simple in design, the cover art captivates the message of Still Sky’s the Limit’s debut EP entitled – you guessed it! – Last Chance Past.

We begin at “Square One,” a half acoustic song in which singer John Barthelmass begs, “erase the pictures taken from my mind.” The singing is heartfelt, and when the drums kick in a minute later, the song comes alive and there is a sense of hope; a whole road designed specifically for us is available if we take our chances. Voices collage and echo in the listener’s mind as the song closes, and shortly after, we are led to more upbeat jams (“Wake” and “Almost By Accident”), which, are considerably raw and touch on life’s more infamous topics such as: regrets and secrets.

Still Sky’s the Limit takes us on a rollercoaster ride through life as we switch between the optimistic and the reality of it all. One moment we’re caught in a dismal thunder storm, literally, with “But What if I Did?” – an extremely elegant song, which incorporates piano – and then shuffle into a more lighthearted, romantic song, “The First Night (Acoustic).”

Every element of Still Sky’s the Limit is extremely well thought out and it shows! It is a powerful first EP which moved me, and had me consider my own life, the pot holes I’ve dodged and the opportunities I’ve passed.

Last Chance Past is out now, so take a detour, refuel, and drive!

Reviewed by Ashley Jean

Originally published on Sept 20, 2011

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