Stephen Jerzak…Gossiping and Partying on Warped

To be young again…Oh Stephen Jerzak, how I’d plaster pictures of you in my room and dance around to your songs of partying and girls. But alas I am one of the older folks attending Warped…No, no, scratch that. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you like to have a good time then Stephen Jerzak’s set’s where you want to be at Warped this summer. That Skullcandy stage is a nonstop dance party throughout the day and Wisconsin’s helps move that stage along. I thought it’d just be another dude with a mic dancing around, but to my surprise, Stephen picked up a guitar and made a lot of little girls women as he strummed along to dance beats. But when Stephen’s no onstage making girls squeal and shake, he’s smiling, partying and watching Gossip Girl?

Kendra: How does a boy from Wisconsin get into the kind of music you do?

Stephen: Ha, yeah you’d think I’d be like a Country singer but um, I don’t know, I’ve just always loved pop music. My personal interests?

Kendra: You like to smile and you have a very nice one at that, but if smiles could kill, who would you use it on?

Stephen: That’s a good question, probably the devil. I wouldn’t want to kill any person, so why not, let’s kill the devil. I’m no murderer. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Kendra: So if you had to describe your live show here at Warped Tour as a Summer Blockbuster that’s out or will be coming out in the coming months what would it be?

Stephen: Probably a lot of action. I’m always really energetic so…

Kendra: Fast Five?

Stephen: Fast paced, Fast Five’s a good one.

Kendra: There’s a lot of bald men onstage with you?

Stephen: Yeah, they actually pull up in this really cool car, ha, not really.

Kendra: That’s a very expensive Warped set you’ve got going on. Okay so you have a song with Leighton Meester. Were you a fan before you worked together, how’d that come about?

Stephen: I always liked the song she did with Cobra Starship but I never watched Gossip Girl, sorry Leighton, just wasn’t my show. I have watched it afterwards and she’s a good actress, but Leighton’s awesome and I’m glad I got to work with her.

Kendra: What are you doing after Warped Tour?

Stephen: I’ll probably be off for a little bit, move back to California to start my new life and hopefully do another tour in the Fall and start writing a new record.

Kendra: So you’re in a van, and if you could have Xzibit come out and “pimp” your van, what would you be looking to get?

Stephen: The thing I’d like in the van right now is a stereo system, some good speakers and our speakers are like the Ford factory ones.

Kendra: Last one, if you had to make me a mixtape of your top 5 party songs, what would you send me?

Stephen: The first one I would send you would be Yelawolf “I Just Want to Party.” I would probably toss my own song in there, “Party Like You’re Single” so you could get a little taste of me in your mixtape. I would toss some Allstar Weekend in there, their song “Party Like it’s Not Your Birthday.” I did a tour with them and they’re cool guys. And I’d toss The Ready Set’s “Young Forever” and then obviously Lil Wayne’s new one “6 Foot 7 Foot.”


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