Sam & Freddy of Y Luv: Beets, Beatles and Borders

Busy bees are the boys of Y Luv. They’ve packed their summer full of shows from ones in hipster central of LA in Silverlake to an abandoned bookstore to after parties filled with bikinis. So finding time to sit down and hammer out some answers may’ve been a task, but Sam and Freddy of LA based Y Luv were game and tackled the issues like trust fun baby music to the future of books. Oh, no worries, they also let us know the what’s what of their music’s present and future state.

Kendra: Do you think it’s an advantage or disadvantage to be a band from LA? Freddy: Well it definitely pushes us to write better and perform better because there are so many damn good bands concentrated here. So I don’t know if that’s an advantage, but it makes us better. But it also makes it difficult to gain an audience and get people to listen to you. So advantage/disadvantage?

Y Luv: We’re just here now and if we weren’t in LA, we wouldn’t be the band that we are.

Kendra: What’s up with Y Luv musically right now?

Sam: We’ve got some new songs coming out and really trying to differentiate our sound, which requires exploring our effects pedals.

Kendra: You all have a song called “Feel Sound,” you obviously know that, haha. So if you could feel Y Luv’s sound…what texture would you describe it as?

Sam: Penetrating.

Freddy: Velvet.

Kendra: What’s something you could do “All Night” besides music? And let’s keep it clean…

Sam: Stand up comedy, All Night.

Kendra: Well if I didn’t ban music related things, it may’ve been playing live. With that, how was your show at the Silverlake Lounge?

Sam: We had some technical difficulties, but we were staying in the moment as much as possible.

Kendra: When you all had a show at an old Borders (RIP). Did you ever think you’d see the day books took a dive?

Freddy: Yea, it’s been creeping up on us for sure. It’s kind of sad, but at the same time, stories aren’t going away. They’re just new ways to read books without books…it’s the future now.

Kendra: Do you think all the old Borders may be converted into venues? (sad times for book lovers, good news for music fans).

Freddy: That would be righteous. Let’s start a petition.

Kendra: Next is a show up in the Bay area for Save the Waves. Being coastal, is surfing a thing the band enjoys?

Sam: I’m more of a surf skater, which means we do surf moves on the concrete at places like Paul Revere Elementary school and Kenter Canyon.

Kendra: Nevertheless, something you all have to have enjoyed was when Nickelodeon was good, right? And because TeenNick is bringing the 90’s back, I want to know which show you’d bring back from your childhood…Nick or not is fine.

Freddy: I would bring back, without a doubt, Doug. I mean they had The Beets, “Bangin on a trash can, strummin’ on a street light”.

Kendra: Now let’s come back to 2011…Y Luv’s got this indie feel which makes the mind wander to “hipsters,” who get a bad rap as smug, trust fund kids. Do you think that negative light on the trend sheds badly on the music it’s so called “representing?”

Freddy: Maaaann I don’t know if we’re much of a “hipster” crew. I mean sure we’ve got the indie feel and I like a lot of indie music, but in terms of being smug or trust fund kids, I just don’t know about all that. Our music is there for anyone who wants some of it.

Kendra: What’s representing the rest of Y Luv’s 2011?

Freddy: Deep depression and reflection after the wild ride that was Harry Potter.

Kendra: Last one…If you had to (and you do) make me a mixtape of the top 5 songs to chill to, what would be on it?

Tom Petty “Breakdown
Bloc Party “Blue Light
Kings Of Leon “Arizona
Airlines “Colors
Vampire Weekend “I Think Ur A Contra

U2 “Tryin to Throw Your Arms Around the World
Radiohead “Kid A
Dave Matthews “#34
Jackson Browne “These Days
The Beatles “Sun King

Originally published on August 6, 2011


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