Said The Whale: New Brighton

Said The Whale you’re such little teases, and for that, you’re fans are very welcome. With a new album set for a March 2012 release, they decided to offer up a sneak peek at what everyone could expect; an EP called New Brighton. Under a quarter of an hour long these b-sides show off a multitude of personalities in Said The Whale’s style. Starting out the gate with the title track, “New Brighton,” it seemed to be the slow paced version of Third Eye Blind’s “Never Let You Go” but it never hit the chorus, just had that same build up in the verses. While we’re on the subject of verses, “Sandy Bay’s” rendered images of conquistadors…A little Conando maybe? From a hint of Spanish to a little folk in the end with “Little Bird.” But it’s the simply titled “Lines” that shines on New Brighton. It’s one of those songs hidden in the Hollister mix with its beach kickback vibe and is destined to make Gold Motel fans fascinated. With March 2012 not too far off, Said The Whale fans won’t die without new music but just in case, (phew!) their fans and interested parties will want to hit up New Brighton November 8th.

Reviewed by Kendra Beltran

Originally published on Oct 30, 2011


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