Rebekah Higgs: Odd Fellowship

When she’s not busy throwing “herself both figuratively and literally into the seething, sweating, dancing masses before her” while leading the glam-rock trio Ruby Jean and The Thoughtful Bees, Rebekah Higgs is on the one-woman war path to merging folk, indie and pop music in a welcoming and refreshing way, and the good news is she’s doing it. And she’s doing it pretty well.

After taking a short break to tour with her RJATTB bandmates, Higgs’ cranked out the followup to her Little Voice EP and cleverly slapped the name Odd Fellowship on it as a homage to the Odd Fellows Lodge where it was recorded. Although her solo project is vastly different from the earth-pounding Ruby Jean role, it shows exactly how versatile Higgs’ is as an artist. There is something undeniably sugar-sweet and enchanting about the track “Little Voice” that transports the listener into a stop-motion world of green meadows and lollipops. In contrast, tracks such as “Miserably Together” and “Youth & Beauty” contain heavier lyrics about the harsh realities of love in this modern world, and they are bound to connect to listeners on a much deeper level. However, “Stick and Poke” was my overall pick for best composition on Odd Fellowship. Let me put it this way, if the delicate vocals of Regina Spektor were artificially inseminated by the childish content and upbeat pace of the Moldy Peaches, this brilliant song about kissing through nicotine would be the resulting brain child.

Honestly, this is one of the most feel good albums I have picked up in a while. This is the type of collection you want to listen to as the rain runs rampant down your window and a great fire is crackling in your chimney.

Reviewed by Chelsea Deptula

originally published by OCt 25, 2011


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