Pentimento: Wrecked

Pentimento’s Wrecked is music you’d find amongst the iTunes of Terrible Things and Gasoline Heart fans. Vocals lacking lies and chords laced with nothing but pure rock sounds, Pentimento make the east coast proud.  You won’t find Dawson or Ian Somerholder in their version of “The Rules of Attraction,” but you’ll get your musical fix as it kicks off Wrecked. “Words With Friends” becomes more than a game while “Maybe, Just Maybe” offers up a line maybe many will steal for a tweet to convey a bad day, “…call me a liar, call me a mistake…” That line, along with the rest found between the drums and bass are delivered with an intense, raw honesty that will capture the attention of people who like their music a little less processed and a lot more real. So check out Wrecked in the comfort of your own home, car, or anywhere else you listen to music, but make sure to check out Pentimento when they hit the road with Heartwell on August 20th.

Originally published on July 15, 2011

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