One More Go…Never Giving Up On Their Easycore Ways

Kermit says it’s easy being green, but Brett of One More Go says it’s not always so easy being easycore. In a town where HXC bands are aplenty, One More Go gives their all to make their presence known, whether it be through their love of Tim and Eric or their latest release, It’s My Night. But there’s so much more to One More Go than the surface, so I invite you to dive into the OMG realm with the help of Brett as he talks about never quitting, shifting members and IDK…really.

Kendra: After numerous band attempts this is it for you guys, right? But can you rewind (ancient word) to the ultimate time you wanted to throw the towel on the whole band thing?

Brett: No, this is isn’t it for us at all in music! Haha, our name is just saying let’s all give this another try and see where it takes us this time around. We’re all way too young to throw in the towel just yet. Music is everything to us; I honestly can’t see any of us ever giving it up.

Kendra: At the end of the day what makes you keep traveling the musical route?

Brett: Music is something we’re all very passionate about, it’s a positive creative outlet for all of us. The thought of going on tour, traveling the country and making new friends all over is what personally keeps me going. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Kendra: One More Go is still fairly fresh out the gate. What are some goals you guys have your eyes set on?

Brett: Well, we definitely want to tour this summer and get out of the Cincinnati area for once. Until then though, we plan on just playing as many shows as possible locally and building up a solid following around here, which is a pretty challenging thing to do since what’s popular in our area is primarily hardcore. It’s kind of rough being an easycore band around here.

Kendra: Is there a band you think deserves (cheesy, I know) One More Go?

Brett: Hmm…I don’t really know how to answer that haha. I guess A Day To Remember would be a band that deserves a second chance. ADTR definitely deserve props for making it as big as they have, even though they have changed their sound a little and have lost a lot of their original fans, but they still stay true to their roots as a band. I know that sounds stereotypical of me to say since I’m in an easycore band, but they still are one of my favorite bands regardless of who listens to them.

Kendra: So…Michael Bolton as an influence…that only made me think of amazing commercials from the 90’s. Do you have any you remember loving as a kid?

Brett: Haha the Michael Bolton thing is a joke, but he is the man. No, I can’t really remember any commercials from back then…

Kendra: If you had to make a commercial for your latest, It’s My Night, what would it look like?

Brett: That’s tough! Haha, it would probably look like something off of Tim & Eric since we’re all a little obsessed with that show, and the title of our EP is an inside joke between all of us from an episode…

Kendra: We got a commercial now, but tell us more about It’s My Night

Brett: All of the songs from It’s My Night were written last summer when we were just coming together as a band. I wrote most of the music and Clint, our vocalist, wrote all of the lyrics. Last summer was a huge bonding experience for us as friends; it was the best summer we’ve all had and I think that reflects in our music. We just like to have a good time and play music, that’s what we’re all about.

Kendra: Rewinding again, what sparked the change in style from metal/hxc to what you are now?

Brett: Before I joined, they had a different guitarist who would just recycle cheesy sounding metalcore riffs and not really listen to what everyone else in the band wanted. Everyone else initially wanted a pop punk/easycore sound. When he moved away for college, I joined and brought the sound they were looking for and we immediately got to writing all new material. “Sounds Like My Weekend” is actually one of the old songs, but we kept it because it’s not metalcore and our bassist Anthony wrote it. We want him to think that bass actually matters….haha.

Kendra: When the sound change, did the lyrics change as well?

Brett: Yeah, the lyrics have changed in a way I guess. They’re a little more uplifting now than they were before, but Clint has a certain style of writing so they haven’t changed drastically.

Kendra: Lyrics are some of my favorite tattoos. Do you have any of your own or another bands’?

Brett: I don’t have any tats, but Clint has “Heart means everything” across his chest which are ADTR lyrics. Lyric tattoos are pretty cool though, I have some in mind that I’m thinking about getting soon.

Kendra: Really quick side note, One More Go…OMG. What text slang do you overuse the most?

Brett: I use lol and idk a little too much….

Kendra: We’ve reached the end and it’s time I ask what’s up for OMG for the rest of 2011?

Brett: We plan on trying to tour during the summer and maybe for a short time in the fall, and we’re finally ordering merch, so we’re all pretty stoked on that. By the end of this year we plan to start recording our next EP, and we might record an acoustic version of one our new songs within the next few weeks, so be on the lookout for that! Oh, and One More Goes Hard.

Kendra: Okay a pit stop after the end. You guys have this badass sound so when going in to make me a mixtape of the “Top 5 songs we’d be surprised OMG listens to,” what would you send me?

Brett: Hmmm, 5 songs?  This is going to be totally random.
Cowardice” by Defeater
Oscillator” by The Contortionist
Jack Sparrow” by The Lonely Island
All By The Constant Vulse” by Trap Them
Five would be some terrible song by Nickelback because our drummer loves them for some reason….


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