Modern Athletics; Give Us A Shove

A s a fat kid, any term that reminds me of those dreaded days in middle school P.E. render me helpless. Thank someone Modern Athletics’ sound is good enough to make those bad thoughts bury themselves in the back of my mind. Modern AthleticsGive Us A Shove mature progressions and thought out lyrics made me believe they couldn’t possibly be American and were from the UK, nope, not at all. This quartet hails from Seattle, a city known more for grunge than Indie hipster tunes. “After the Calvary” will remind listeners of another indie rock band, We Are Scientists because of the ear catching vocals while “Crashed My Mech” is something you’d likely hear on a local college station because it’s catchy, but not too catchy that you’ll mistake it for Justin Bieber’s latest (and greatest).  Fans of The Futureheads and Mystery Jets will want to take a second, hell, give them more than that…and check out Modern AthleticsGive Us A Shove.


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