Mercies: Three Thousand Days

Where’s Zooey Deschanel when you need her to perfect this Indie scene? With a sound that would fall into the “sounds like” Deathcab For Cutie on Last FM, Mercies latest Three Thousand  Days doesn’t disappoint if Ben Gibbard and Co. are your cup of herbal tea at a swanky café in LA. Speaking of tea, if Three Thousand Days were a recipe, it’d be two cups of Indie (obviously), a dash of folk and a smidge of retro.

You’ll get your Coachella fix with “Questions” and “Sleep.” Get acquainted with the folk of the Bon Iverish of “Strangers.” And then make sure find the 60’s beach party vibe in “Birds of Prey.” Then you have the rightly titled, “Tortured Souls.” Its eerie tone will paint a sepia scene of the aftermath of a suspense thriller; a vintage sound with enough dynamic to make it work.

So if you’re thirsty for something like this in your musical collection, pick up Mercies’ Three Thousand Days, out now!

Originally published on August 11, 2011

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