Man Overboard; The Human Highlight Reel

Good news, if you’re a fan of Man Overboard, you’re going to love their latest The Human Highlight Reel because it’s full of songs you already love. Remastered favorites like “I Ate My Gluestick” and “Dear You” are in attendance along with many others that flood this 16 track compilation. Man Overboard was even kind enough to showcase two sides of one song with a plugged and unplugged version of “I Saw Behemoth and It Ruled.” Throughout the new tunes, all I could think was, dang, these dudes are an emotional bunch with lyrics like “I’ll kiss you and tell you I miss you” in “Driveway,” and even more talks of kisses in “Melanie, Video Games And A Slight Fear Of Flying.” So yes, fans of Man Overboard won’t be disappointed in picking up and (re)falling in love with songs both new and old on The Human Highlight Reel.


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