Live.Love.Die; Where It Caved In

I may be dating myself here, but when I was in middle school the only badass chicks in music were Gwen Stefani and, well, Kittie. Since then the likes of Paramore came and amazed the world. Unfortunately that led to mediocre spin-offs…every female fronted band fell short of what Paramore was doing. Other bands were more or less over processed pop rock with no soul or conviction. That’s not the case with Live.Love.Die. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything off their latest, Where It Caved In on pop radio any time soon. There’s a deeper sound in Kelci Guzzo’s voice. Plus, she’s backed by rock and I’m not talking about rock you’d hear at a Cobra Starship show, like actual rock. “As Everyone Thought” is full of an angst I haven’t heard in a while, while “Broken”  has a more upbeat vibe, while keeping the overall tone of Where It Caved In is heavy and dark…think Flyleaf without the intense screams. So if you’re a fan of music that not only implies emotion, but contains it, Live.Love.Die’s Where It Caved In is right up your alley.

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