Light FM: Buzz Kill City

Holding Light FM’s Buzz Kill City in my hands gives me anxiety. The cover art a few shots taken around the Los Angeles Metro I know oh too well; a public transportation system that should be against the law for its crime against humanity. But once I got past the panic attack, I popped in Buzz Kill City and found it way more enjoyable than the location of its cover.

Leading track “Mercy” had an overpowering scent of Indie rock, and all the while felt like a Silversun Pickups tune being that it encompassed awkward nerdy vocals with a more intimidating sound.   Kind of like that stereotypical small fry at school who gets picked on, but then has a huge brother to back him up.

But Light FM can hold their own with their brash lyrics alone. “I’ll hold my hands up against your neck and when you pass out…” and “I wanna cut your head off,” are a couple lines that perked my ears and made me think twice about Light FM. For me their honest, literal lyrics took them from just another Silverlake cliché to a band I could get into, especially the straight forward “Kill the Landlord.”

Buzz Kill City drops October 1st to tie in perfect with Light FM’s tour this fall with The Smashing Pumpkins. Where they’re bound to take their fan base from the Foster the People crowd and broaden it just a bit.

Reviewed by Kendra Beltran

Originally Sept 19, 2011


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