Justin Yost of Everyone Dies in Utah Sees Clearly Through Electronic(a) Chemistry

When your parents tell you that your music can’t teach you a thing or two about the world, then they clearly haven’t been listening closely enough. Now that I have been exposed, I’m no longer ignorant to the fact that Walmarts can close. I have also discovered that Florida is not the only place where there are mortuaries and morgues on every street corner. It’s no thanks to the hardcore band from Temple, Texas that my knowledge has expanded.

Despite their comedic outlook on life, Everyone Dies in Utah is a band comprised of people who are seriously committed to the chemistry of musicianship. While it seems they’re a little haphazard about the way they experiment, as I have learned, their scientific theories have not proved unsuccessful.

Before embarking on The Seeing Clearly Tour, I caught up with bassist, Justin Yost, to talk about 90’s television and expose him (or at least, I hope he has Googled it by now), to the world of Doctor Who.

ASHLEY JEAN: I’ve only visited Utah once and can say, that yes, I nearly died…of boredom. Do you think that’s why the death rate is so high? Has anyone ever taken your band name as a precaution?

JUSTIN YOST: Haha. We have no real idea as to why the death rate is so high. Perhaps it the Mormons, maybe it’s Rick Shoe, or it could even be that freakin’ pancake challenge we always take on at Denny’s while we are visiting. Either way, we absolutely love playing in Utah, it’s home away from home!

Tons of people on our FB and YouTube page love to make jokes about never wanting to head to Utah. Once in awhile you’ll find a very clever one and can enjoy a laugh. But don’t be scared, Utah is beautiful!

ASHLEY JEAN: “So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish,” is a cornucopia of sound. Would you say that this unique blending of electronica and hardcore came about organically or is it more of a chemical experiment gone right?

JUSTIN YOST: You know, I think we would like to say that the writing process for SC was very intricate and we sat in a big, shinny studio thinking about amazing ways to woo our audience. But in all reality, I believe we just do what we feel flows. Transitions are a very important tool that we try to never overlook while writing, but other than that we just jam! “So Long…” isn’t an exception to that. We knew what kind of sound we wanted for it and just rolled the dice and took a chance on what we felt was right. Apparently, the recipe is working!

ASHLEY JEAN: Not only do you provide inspirational tunes for people to listen to, but you also offer yours ears to those (fans) who might need it. (I read this in your Last.FM bio.) Has anyone ever taken up that offer and sought you out for advice after a show or on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace (if people still use that…)?

JUSTIN YOST: Honestly, all BS aside, yes. Those conversations are the MOST important thing to us in all of this. I know a lot of bands offer this type of help but I seriously do believe in my heart that we have helped at least one person with a problem. Whether it’s divorce at home, low self-esteem, or bullying, we try our hardest to be real with people at shows. Positivity and reaching out to life with patience and love is our cure for anything!

ASHLEY JEAN: So you have a tour coming up! What are some things you’ll be doing differently for 2012?

JUSTIN YOST: Well, obviously the biggest thing is recording a new record in February! Then that leads to finally playing new songs live which we are all ready for. haha. Playing the same songs every night will take its toll! So we are very excited to finally release new jams for our friends to listen to and learn so they can bring it to the live shows. A few other new things would be a lot of additions to our merch table. We are very much into having a visually pleasing merch space and something essential to that is great shirt designs. We will be bringing new and unusual items to the merch table this year, no spoilers though! Our light show will most likely be seeing a renovation ending with some pretty cool new things. We also toured a ton last year but are hoping to basically never leave the van this year. We love touring and hanging out with fans, so bring it on 2012, we are ready!

ASHLEY JEAN: I watched EDIUTube and was amazed by some of the places you visited. (A Walmart that closes! Unforgiveable.) Are you hoping to find some unique places on this tour?

JUSTIN YOST: Whether we are hoping or not, we always do! Every band has their fair share of crazy stories while staying in someone’s house or sleeping in the van in some parking lot (curse that closing Walmart!). As far as scenery goes, we love finding amazing new spots to take pictures and just take a second to remember how lucky we are. Not many things beat traveling the country, seeing beautiful things, and getting paid to do so. Being a traveling band dude is a pretty dirty, smelly job but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

ASHLEY JEAN: There are a lot of pop culture references in your song titles. What do you think a song constructed around Doctor Who would sound like?

JUSTIN YOST: I’m gonna get real with you right now, man. I have no freakin’ clue what Doctor Who is. I went to good old Wiki to find out so I could answer this question properly and I am hit with this shocker: “Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet. For 24 hours, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia.” So what the heck am I supposed to do now other than be honest and say, none of us have any idea who/what Doctor Who is. I’m sad to say, we just aren’t hip anymore. Sorry man!

ASHLEY JEAN: Oh, I’ve got a better one!: If your music was a Mortal Kombat character, who would it be and why?

JUSTIN YOST: Oh no, that is a super tough one. We all love the new Mortal Kombat! Let me think about it. (Comes back after ten minutes of hard deliberation) We would be…Scorpion! Now I know what you’re thinking… seriously? Why? Because Scorpion is the man. Think about it, he’s got it all. Scorpion is immune to death; just like us. In addition, Scorpion no longer has a face; neither do we. It was melted off after listening to the new Nickelback record. Like many ninja, Scorpion is well-versed in the art of armed combat; obviously like us. I can tell you one thing, that Walmart will never close again. And finally, Scorpion has his signature move while screaming “get over here.” You can see the resemblance between this and our home lives with our ladies.

ASHLEY JEAN: I couldn’t help but notice Dustin’s green iguana shirt in the latest update video. Personally, I’m all about the blue barracudas. (Yeah, I got the shirt!) Based on your individual musical ability, which Nickelodeon game show would you say best describes your talent?

JUSTIN YOST: There is no other show that describes us more than Legends of the Hidden Temple. Though there may be a good number of different teams contributing to the fun, but they all work hard to bring you some great entertainment. Plus there’s Olmec. What’s better than Olmec?

ASHLEY JEAN: Let’s finish this! It’s the New Year and supposedly the last one any of us will ever live through. Pick 5 songs for a “The End is Here,” mixtape. Go!


1.) Sir Mix-A-Lot – “Baby Got Back
2.) Foo Fighters – “Everlong
3.) Will Smith – “Miami
4.) UnderOATH – “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
5.) Coldplay – “Clocks

If that’s not a great mix, we don’t know what is! Thanks for the interview brother, the questions were a breath of fresh air.
Much thanks, Justin Yost and EDIU.

Originally published on Jan 31, 2012


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