Julia of The Local Traumatic: Conceiving Trix and Laughable Romance

We all reach a point where change is needed. It may not be pretty, it may not be what you think you need, but in the end it turns out for the best. That’s what happened when Julia Bullock and her then band mates in Lyra Shine transformed (not so overnight) into The Local Traumatic. This Indie Rock foursome spends their time making the best out of that needed change and since the early part of July have been hard at work on an upcoming EP that Julia promises will be, well, just keep on reading to see what she has to say about that, what important meal of the day she thinks TLT live show is like and takes on romance both in song and mixtape form.

Kendra: Julia, you mentioned you were in school. Because it’s that time of the year, any back to school horror stories you want to share?

Julia: Hmm, back to school horror stories…I tripped today. Haha, it’s about too soon to tell, I’m sure my horror stories will start happening late this week.

Kendra: Getting away from nightmares and to better times…Aside from the name and some line up switches, what are a few no apparent changes that happen when you went from Lyra Shine to The Local Traumatic?

Julia: When we went through “the change” we went from being a male…To a female. Haha, no really, we found out more about ourselves as people, we became more determined to go for the gold than we had ever have been.

Kendra: Do you feel like you were giving up a piece of yourself when the band shifted gears?

Julia: Oh, I was sure I was giving up a piece of myself! Just recently everything started to feel right. We were Lyra Shines for so long it seemed, but this change has been nothing but good to us.

Kendra: Being a leading lady in an indie rock world that’s mostly a dude’s realm, do you ever feel like you have to compromise part of your femininity?

Julia: Heck yea! All the time! When the dudes see me with my friends that are girls they say I act different…Well of course it’s because I’m with girls. Haha, but the guys have seen all sides of me; Lord bless them.

Kendra: Sticking with the feminine touch, in “Noah” I heard a pinch of the ever wonderful Gwen Stefani. Do you have a Ska past at all?

Julia: I don’t technically have a Ska past. I just really admire Gwen and she inspires me deeply. Plus No Doubt is by far one of my favorite bands.

Kendra: Time to have “the talk.” Can you give me the birds and the bees of a Local Traumatic song conception?

Julia: Haha, well conceiving a song with TLT can be difficult and easy at the same time! Usually Christian gives birth to a song idea, then all the instruments are conceived, and lyrics/melody are usually last.

Kendra: What can we expect out of your guys recent studio time? EP, LP, magic?

Julia: Sexiness. The EP took us a while but it’s something we are all proud about. We hope you all will dig it as much as we do.

Kendra: Any songs about school yard crushes?

Julia: Tonsss of songs are about crushes! “Noah” is about pretty much fighting for a relationship while your partner is being realistic. Our newer one on the EP is about jealousy of someone younger. And the last song is just a mushy gushy love tune.

Kendra: Now will The Local Traumatic be hitting the road with these new tracks?

Julia: that is our goal! We hope to promote the shit out of this record. We also have plans to hit up South by Southwest!

Kendra: For the folks who’ve never gotten to see you live, how would you compare your live show to a breakfast cereal, which would it be and why?

Julia: Hmm, Trix. We may look like a tiny band, younger and four members (as of now), but when you see us…It’s an explosion of energy. Like when you bite into Trix; explosion of flavor.

Kendra: Other than new music and potential touring, what else does the coming months have in store for you guys?

Julia: For the upcoming months we have a bunch of shows September 3rd in Charlotte, NC and September 17th at the Live Out Loud Benefit with Paper Tongues, and many more in the following months.

Kendra: Okay now it’s time for you to make me a mixtape. You can thank your bassist Matt McConomy for this one because when I read his name I instantly thought of Matthew McConaughey, one of the kings of romantic comedies. So your task is to make me a RomCom mixtape; five songs that’d be perfect for a RomCom soundtrack, go!

I Think We’re Alone Now” Tiffany
All ‘Cause Of You” by The 88
Boyfriend” by Best Coast
She’s Killing Me” by A Rocket to the Moon
Barely Breathing” by Duncan Sheik
Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds

Originally published on August 30, 2011

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