Husband: Husband

Michael Paolino has a voice like the Man in Black without too much Country. Instead Michael known musically with his band as Husband, has brought about a self-titled EP that’s an altered take on pop with some indie elements tossed about. Remember late at night when you’d be laying there awake with only Vh1 to guide you through the night and that eerie Insomniac commercial would play? That’s exactly how Husband starts off…From goosebump creating intros to a song I can only describe as different. “Willow Tree” sounded like a downtrodden Brandon Flowers as Michael demanded “…don’t give up on us baby.” I said not too much Country, but you can hear a hint of that blue collar feel in “Ordinary.” That made me think Husband falls somewhere in between two desert festivals; Stagecoach and Coachella. Husband is a quick tale of just a bit of what the past few years of Michael’s life has been like, and if you like music that’s a bit unlike from what you’re used to listening to…Husband’s Husband is the way to go when it drops October 28th.

Reviewed by Kendra Beltran

Originally published on Sept 19, 2011


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