Holmes: Covers

What’s that site? “Stuff White People Like?” Well 99% sure there’s Indie Rock and ironic on that list. So here’s where Holmes enters. Take his Goodwill Store wearing sound and cover it (literally). Holmes is a one man show who released a gaggle of cover tunes last month rightfully titled Covers.

Ranging from the masters of gangster rap to the King of Rock and Roll, Holmes did all he could to incorporate all musical styles. And as he collected the songs to generate new versions of, he churned them out and made them all sound like a day in Williamsburg. Of course the inhabitants of that area love
Hip Hop, or at least that’s what their 50 dollar “vintage” Chronic tee says, but nevertheless Holmes’ rendition of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” was not only good, but helpful. I never know what rappers are saying…But that’s besides the point. From a Folked out Compton to a Latin infused “Don’t Go” originally done by Yaz.

Then you had the oddballs. Queen’s “Bicycle Race” sounded like something out of Koo Koo Kanga Roo’s roster, but even over 30 years old, this track still has staying power because who in the urban chic part of down isn’t far from their pedals? Holmes not only did weird, he created spooky with INXS’ “Need You Tonight.” American Horror Story called and they want their soundtrack back.

Holmes didn’t just reinvent songs from one niche, he chose a variety of genres and when it came time to make them his own, it sounds like he thought it out for each individual song. Bottom line? There’s not one definitive style on Covers and that’s what makes it unlike a lot of albums like it. So if you’re a fan of songs that already exist but want to hear a different approach to them? Holmes’ Covers is out now, so support music and buy it.

Review by Kendra

Originally published on Dec 5, 2011


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